Program Details

COETAIL Philosophy

The COETAIL program is a set of 5 courses that build understanding on each other. It’s very important that participants commit to the full program. We do not allow participants to “jump in and out” of courses.

COETAIL is built on a cohort format taking advantage of the learning community that forms around ideas, learning, and projects. As a COETAILer you will belong to two communities to help support you in your learning. One being your cohort of learners and the other being the larger COETAIL community of over 100 international educators who are taking or have completed the program.

COETAIL believes in open sharing. Your reflections, assignments and projects will be open on the Internet and shared with other educators around the world. We learn through sharing and throughout the program we reflect on the idea of sharing openly on the Internet and how this is changing teaching and learning.

Full Program Overview

Coetail 2012-13 Program Details

There are two steps that you need to complete to be admitted to the program.

SUNY Paperwork

1. In order to complete courses and receive the COETAIL Certificate you will need to apply to the Master’s Program at Buffalo State-SUNY. If you have applied and been previously accepted in a Buffalo State-SUNY certificate or Master’s degree program, you do not need to do this step.

Grad Admission App COETAIL Multidisciplinary Studies

2. The next step is to fill out the admistion fee form below. You are responsible for the $50 payment to SUNY.

Admission Fee COETAIL

Please download the full program details above for all the requirements.

SUNY Contact

The paperwork side of things is handled by Buffalo State – SUNY. If you have any questions or need help please do not hesitate to e-mail them at:

In addition to applying to Buffalo State, SUNY, for the COETAIL program, you will also need to fill in a course registration form for each course (a total of 5). Registration sheet will become available during each course.

Payment Schedule

We believe we offer a very competitive program. Many online 3 graduate credit courses today cost anywhere between $1,200-$1,500 per class. Working with SUNY we have been able to cut the cost of our program in half for International Educators. Below is a chat of the total cost of the program.



Registration Fee

Total Cost

Course 1 (3 Credits) $700 $18 $718
Course 2 (3 Credits) $700 $18 $718
Course 3 (3 Credits) $700 $18 $718
Course 4 (3 Credits) $700 $18 $718
Course 5 (3 Credits) $700 $18 $718
SUNY Grad Program $50
 Total 15 Credits Grand Total $3640