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See you on March 26th!

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You made it! I know at times you didn’t think you where going to. Or you were thinking what’s the point of all this (and some of you still are). I know that many of you, via your blog posts, are still putting your own systems into place. Figuring out your blog, your RSS reader, etc.

Well….I told you we were going to push you in the deep end and it’s so good to see you all floating and swimming on your own…maybe not perfect…..but you’re here, you’re thinking, and your learning. Just remember the Dan Meyer quote of “be less helpful” and how much you’ve learned on your own with a little guidance at times and no guidance at other times.

I have been so impressed by your depth of reflection. I truly do think that blogging is some of the best self-directed PD you can give yourself. Reflecting on your practice is one thing, to have to stop and take time to write it down in a form where others can read and respond to it…takes it to a deeper level. You want it to be good, you want it to sound good an because of that you spend time thinking through what you really believe, what you really want, and what you’re thinking and learning. Is blogging a new genre? I think so…..but I’ll let you debate that one. :)

Course 2 – March 26 – May 6

You’ll notice that course 2 is 7 weeks long as you get to have a built in Spring Break week in there somewhere. Take a week off and enjoy the overseas life of travel and leisure. I’ll be away the week of April 14 – 22. I’m headed to the beach here in Thailand for a little R&R and have booked a hotel with no WiFi….on purpose. I’m looking forward to reflecting offline, relaxing, and just being. I hope you find time to do the same.

Course 2 will focus on copyright, fair-use, and creative commons. I’ll have to say when we started COETAIL this was my least favorite class to teach, but it has turned into one of my favorites as it’s such an important, frustrating, no real answers, topic that I think allows us to do some really deep thinking around what it is you believe is important for your school and your students.

The course 2 project is not a lesson plan, but instead you will be looking at your school’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on technology. You will be working in groups to create new AUPs for your school based on what we’re discussing in this course and what you’ve learned in the previous course as well. More to come on this once we get started.

Enjoy the week off….and be looking for your final grade for the course on your Google grade sheet. A week off from class doesn’t mean you have to give it all up. You are still allowed to blog, encouraged to continue to read your RSS reader and stay active. Being a connected educator needs to become a habit, find ways to keep involved with the conversations.

Until the 26th


Course 1 Ends March 18th

As we near the end of course 1 I wanted to point out the Google Calendar you will find embedded on the sidebar of this blog. I HIGHLY recommend that you add the Google Calendar to your own calendaring system. If you’re not using Google Calendars this would be a great time to have a dabble with it.

As this course comes to a close I’m already ramping things up for course 2. We’ll be adding a virtual chat sessions via Where we’ll be gathering to just chat about things, bounce ideas or listen to guests talk about their experiences, classrooms, or ideas. I’m already setting up guest speakers, many of them COETAIL graduates as I want teachers talking to teachers about their classrooms and what they’re doing. The best way to get ideas is to hear what others are doing.

These sessions will be open to all COETAILers and will be recorded and released via iTunes. So if you can’t make one, or you live in a country where the Interent is slow know you can still listen in to the conversations.

All of these sessions will be posted on the Google calendar which is why it’s important that you get use to looking at it now for information moving forward.

What “About Me”

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As I’m going through all the blogs I’ve noticed that many of you have not set up an “About Me”  or “About” page on your blog. You can do this by logging into your blog clicking on Pages – New Page. Also make sure you delete the “Sample Page” as you don’t need it anymore.

This is an important part of having an online profile. When you leave a comment somewhere on the web you leave the address to your blog. This is so people can follow the link back to your blog and learn more about you. It’s also how you evaluate the source of comments, so by having an about page you give yourself some validity on the Internet as people know who you are and where you come from. Matt Kelsey has gone one step further and put his bio right on the front of his blog. There are a number of ways to do it and you can get pretty creative with how you displace the information.

So take some time to tell the world who you are…you’re producing some great content and people are going to want to know the person behind the content.

SUNY Registration Forms for Course 1 & 2 Online Cohort

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Well, I’ve put this off as long as possible, but I’m afraid it is time to do the paperwork side of things. Part of the reason I have put off you doing the registration is in hopes that you can do both Course 1 and Course 2 at the same time and be done with it.

Nobody likes to fill out paperwork, but without it your grades won’t be posted to SUNY. :(

So the time has come to get it done.

Course 1

1. Download the Course 1 Registration Form (also found in your Google Docs)

2. Print it out and complete it, or if you have a digital copy of your signature you can fill it out in Word.

3. Save the completed registration form as a PDF making sure to put your name in the File Name (Example: Course 1 (EDC 607) – Jeff Utecht)

4. E-mail the registration form as an attachment to this e-mail address:

Course 2

1. Download the Course 2 Registration Form (also found in your Google Docs)

2. Print it out and complete it, or if you have a digital copy of your signature you can fill it out right in Word.

3. Save the completed registration form as a PDF making sure to put your name in the File Name (Example: Course 2 (EDC 606) – Jeff Utecht)

4. E-mail the registration form as an attachment to this e-mail address:

That’s it you’re done!
You do not need to send any money. The $18 of the $718 of your tuition covers the registration fee. I’ll forward on one single check to SUNY on the cohorts behalf. That’s how SUNY likes it.

The Setup…in case you’re interested:

I use a free service called to have you e-mail your registration forms to. I can then send a link to the folder where these are uploaded to SUNY and they can simply download them. Works great!

Also know that is running a special right now. If you download their app on an Android phone and sign up through that app they’ll give you 50GB of free storage. That’s 50GB of free web storage….crazy…and totally worth it!

Week 4 already – Are we learning anything yet?

Sometimes I wish I was my cat

Slowly getting over my jet lag and getting back into the swing of things here in Bangkok…I always struggle more with jet lag coming this way.

I can’t believe we’re in Week 4 already! Crazy! How are you doing? Are we learning anything yet? Again this first course is about setting up the systems and doing some broad readings into technology and it’s impact on education. From here we start focusing on specific skills, and programs.

Some updates for week 4:

1. Make sure you add the main COETAIL RSS Feed to your Google Reader. As I’m posting things there for the entire community. Kim and Dana will be posting things as well. Our own reflections from our learning along the journey. You can read my latest reflection from my trip to the States here.

2. Also make sure you add this blog’s RSS feed to your reader as well. That way you’ll be updated as soon as I post new information here.

3. We have one more SUNY piece to complete. We have to fill out a “Course Registration Form” for each class as we take them. It’s a pain, but something we have to do for Higher Ed. I’ll be releasing the forms and the video this week. My hope is that you can fill out both course 1 and course 2 form at the same time and then be done until next fall with this process. More info to come……

4. Payments and Blog Addresses
There are still quit a few of you who haven’t put your blog address on the blog spreadsheet. This is very important as it’s the only way I can find your blog. Here are the directions if you missed them.

Also there are about 20 of you who have not paid yet. Please try to get this done as soon as possible. The more time I have to spend chasing people down for paperwork and payment the less time I have to read, respond, and help you on your blogs. :(

5. Getting caught up
I’m focused this week on getting caught up on your grade sheets and doing more reading and commenting on your blogs. It’s been hard not having everyone’s blog in my RSS Reader yet as they are not all on the Google Spreadsheet (see #4).

6. User Account and Blog Creating Disabled
Just an FYI I’ve disabled the ability for people to make new accounts and blogs on the system. This is to help fight spammers. If you still need to set up your account or blog you’ll need to contact me via e-mail.

The end of this week I’m traveling to Seoul Foreign School to participate in two days worth of PD with the staff there. Looking forward to meeting those in the COETAIL program from SFS Face to Face.

Adding Your Blog URL to the Cohort List

It’s time to start sharing your blog with other cohort memebers.

In your Google Docs you will now see a new spreadsheet that I have shared with you called “COETAIL Online Cohort 12-13 Blog Addresses” open up the spreadsheet (you should have edit rights to it), find your name and paste your blogs URL in the space provide.


This list is only shared with your cohort. This is also where you can find others to follow in your cohort. You can follow others in your same country, in your area, or in your teaching subject…or a combination of all three…which is what I recommend.

Tomorrow the video will be released on how to set up your Google Reader and start subscribing to these blogs.