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Course 2 Comes to a Close

UntitledAs we wind down the school year we’re also winding down your first two courses! Congrats on making it through course 2!!

Some of you have asked about extensions and turning in late work. I totally get this time of year is very busy for everyone….myself included. So the official deadline was this past Sunday May 13th. Thank you to those of you who finished on time.

If you are running behind no worries. We’ll be grading over the next two weeks and getting the course finished up. So if you have not completed the work yet, just e-mail me when you have completed it to make sure we get it counted towards your final grade.

If you are really behind let me know and I’ll give you an Incomplete (INC) for this course. You will then have 10 weeks to make up the work with no grade penalty. This is a SUNY graduate policy.

BigMarker Conversation May 1st Podcast

A great conversation last night around some of the issues we’ve been learning about in Course 2. I think you’ll like listening to this one. We had 19 people join us. Some people listened and lurked while others discussed. No problem with that….sooner or later you’ll create….even if at some point I have to force you too. :)

Just to add to our conversation last night. I took this screencast of those who turned on their video cameras. I didn’t ask their permission to take the screencast. I didn’t ask their permission to post the image here. Yet here it is. Now if I was really mean…or is that polite….I would tag them all with a link to their blog. But I won’t…this time anyway.

So what are your thought on this? As you can see I dressed up for the occasion. :) To be fair it was 90F at 9am this morning but felt like 110F (44c) on your skin. So I’m not apologizing….it’s freakin’ hot!

A great conversation that I think you’ll enjoy.

Our next conversation next week will be on Thursday with Kim Cofino joining us to talk about the cyber safety week they run at their school. We’ll be on at 5:30pm Bangkok time due to Kim being in Japan. Promise it will be a conversation you won’t want to miss. Emily this one is worth locking yourself in a closet for. :)