TAS Final Projects!

This past weekend I was in Taipei finishing wrapping up the final course for the TAS Cohort. It was a great day of presenting and learning and reflecting . There were a a few projects I wanted to point out to you so that you have an idea of where this all ends in a years time.

You can watch all the recorded presentations here.

Nancy and Kathy put together this fantastic video. Your final project will be a video that you create similar to this. Breathe……we’re a long way from there…..but you’ll notice the aspects that we’ve already talked about integrated into this project.

Allison Nave has done a great job of sharing and reflecting as she flips her middle school math class….as well as sharing her thoughts on our bigmarker session last week.

Nyoli had her Algebra students create a Google Site for review purposes. Students don’t want the site public but she outlines the learning and the process.

Barb outlines making book trailers with elementary students in the library.

Scott and Laura reflects on using iPads with 1st graders.

Steve talks about using Google Docs with 2nd Graders.

Jennifer teaches music through creating a sound track for a movie trailer.

Just a couple of examples of how technology in playing a part in different classrooms. Exciting to see where you’ll end up in just about a years time! :)


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