Plagiarism, Compfight and Final Projects

I hope everyone is doing well as we head into the second half of course 2. Just a couple of things I want to share and point you to.


Some great blog posts on plagiarism, copyright, and creative commons that of course have all this in the front of my mind.

<beging rant>


A teacher comes in today and asks me to copy a copyright DVD for them. Can I? Sure. Should I? I have a hard time with this and get frustrated when teachers bust kids for coping from the Internet and then turn around and ask if we can copy a DVD.

“But it cost like $100!”

So if something is expensive we should be able to copy it? If it was $10 they wouldn’t ask me?

Where does this double standard come from? That if we steal written work it’s called plagiarism and if we steal media….well…they’ll never know.

I think my favorite thing about teaching students about copyright and creative commons is when students come to me and say “Yeah….but Mr. U teacher ????? takes photos all the time from the web and never cites them.” Now even under Fair Use you are still obligated to cite your sources….and then we yell at kids when they don’t.


</end rant>

Compfight WordPress Plugin:


It’s been great to see images popping up in your blog posts and adding that all so important visual element to the web. I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails asking if I would install the Compfight WordPress Plugin that keeps popping up on their site when you search for images.

My answer….no

Why? Because that takes the fun learning out of it. Part of adding images is learning how links work, how you can find the URL of anything on the web and how you can push and pull that in other places. It’s learning a little HTML that can go a long way. The same reason I want you to embed and not just link your Google Doc. Yeah that HTML code looks scary….but the more you look at it, read it, use it, the less scary it becomes….and that’s a good thing. What I love about code today is you can actually read it. Take some time to “read” some code and I bet in no time at all you’ll start to understand it like another language. p=paragraph div=divide img=image The new HTML language is pretty cool!

Final Projects:

Will Power - Winner!

Hopefully you’re all working on your Final Projects by now. It’s great to see some of you¬†collaborating¬†already and sharing your learning with us.

This is a great time to use the Group Forum built into the site. I’ve seen some of you tweeting out looking for a partner and yet others leaving comments on each others blogs. Keep at it, keep supporting each other and reflect on this process of finding a partner and that experience of collaborating online.

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