2 thoughts on “Re-examining the Remix (Video)

  1. Avatar of Julie Pyburn

    I’m wondering if the copyright laws that Lawrence Lessig is talking about apply to the rest of the world. Are these US or world-wide policies? Are other governments coming up with different policies or are they arriving at similar laws through their own parliamentary discussions. I know a few UK citizens have recently been extradited to the States to stand trial for breaking US laws, so if the US creates copyright laws does this mean the rest of the world has to follow them?

    1. Avatar of Jeff Utecht

      This is a great question that we can talk about on BigMarker tomorrow. But what the countries have basically agreed on is that it depends where that company is based and the rules of that country govern the policies. So for example…because Apple is based in the States all there iTunes content falls under the copyright status of the US.

      Because most of the services we use are US Based we must follow their policies. It doesn’t matter where you’re accessing that information from, it depends where that information is at.


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