How To Add A Creative Commons License

Welcome to Course 2!
We’ll start off by adding an official Creative Commons license on your blog…and more importantly show you how you can add widgets to your blogs sidebar area. Watch the video below (or download from the media blog, or via iTunes) to learn how.

Now that you know how to add HTML code to your sidebar using a text widget, see if you can add a map to track your sites visitors. This will help you see who’s reading your blog and where your digital footprint is spreading.

A couple of my favorite map widgets:


Tip: In the HTML code you will see width= and height= play with these values to get the widget to fit nicely on your blogs theme. Each blog theme has a different width of sidebar so you’ll have to adjust this based on your blog’s theme.

Sign-up for Bigmarker!

It’s time we go get some live conversations going. So almost every Tuesday (those I’m¬†available) we’ll have live sessions via a program called Bigmarker. com. You need to sign up for an account (free) and then join the COETAIL community. Once you do that you’ll have an opportunity to participate in our live sessions. Sometimes (like this first one) will be just a conversation between all that show up and I’ll also be giving some clarification on the final project for this course. Other times we’ll have guest presenters. Watch the calendar for details.

“But I can’t make it!”

That’s OK…do the best you can and know that all live sessions will be recorded and then released on this blog, the media site and in iTunes. So if ¬†you can’t make the live session, you can always listen to the recording later. If you really do want to join live suggest a Tuesday night time that is good for you and I’ll see what I can do. I’m still working full time at ISB until June so my time isn’t as flexible as it will be for courses 3,4,5. When this will be a big part of my full time duties.

6 thoughts on “How To Add A Creative Commons License

  1. You said to suggest times, so… I am easily home by 4:30 p.m. GMT+3. I can make anything after that happen. I know that there are people further west then I am. I know there are always the recordings, but it just isn’t the same to never get to join.

    1. Avatar of Jeff Utecht

      Sounds good. I’ll make sure to hold one conversation at 5pm GMT+3 that should be 9pm here in Bangkok. I can do that!

  2. Avatar of sleonardis

    I am GMT + 6:30. Sadly Tuesday is the trickiest day of the week for me. I am sure that I am in the minority, but the later the better!

  3. Michelle @ 2012/04/01

    Hi Jeff – I missed the last week’s BigMarker conversation so wanted to catch up by listening to the archive, but can’t seem to find it. What am I going something wrong?
    thanks – Michelle

    1. Avatar of Jeff Utecht

      Hi Michelle,

      Sorry I haven’t gotten around to posting the recording from last weeks session…..I was at the EARCOS conference all week and just haven’t gotten to it. I’ll get it up today or tomorrow at the latest. As for the BigMarker session I’ll look into the issues if you can’t reserve a spot not worries it will let you in once the room opens.

  4. Michelle @ 2012/04/01

    One more thing – it seems whenever I try to reserve my spot for upcoming BigMarker conferences or click on more info link, it takes me to the April 24 session only. Anybody else having the same issues?


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