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As I’m going through all the blogs I’ve noticed that many of you have not set up an “About Me”  or “About” page on your blog. You can do this by logging into your blog clicking on Pages – New Page. Also make sure you delete the “Sample Page” as you don’t need it anymore.

This is an important part of having an online profile. When you leave a comment somewhere on the web you leave the address to your blog. This is so people can follow the link back to your blog and learn more about you. It’s also how you evaluate the source of comments, so by having an about page you give yourself some validity on the Internet as people know who you are and where you come from. Matt Kelsey has gone one step further and put his bio right on the front of his blog. There are a number of ways to do it and you can get pretty creative with how you displace the information.

So take some time to tell the world who you are…you’re producing some great content and people are going to want to know the person behind the content.

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  1. Avatar of Christina Botbyl

    thanks for this tip, jeff! i always wondered how to get those nice tabs with headings on a blog. now i feel very silly when i realize how simple it is! :D


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