And the winner is…..

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I just spend the past 7 hours reading and updating everyone’s grade sheet. If ¬†you do not have a grade sheet or you don’t see a comment from me then please re-share it with me. Here are the directions again to setting up a grade sheet.

After reading through the blog posts the winner clearly is the RSS Reader in this first course. Many of you talked about using your RSS reader, getting it set up, and how you’re starting to come to terms of skimming to find the relevant information you want to read. RSS is a powerful tool and once you understand it and how it links things together kind of behind the scenes on the Internet you’ll start seeing it everywhere.


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iTunes for example runs on RSS. I set up the media blog and then give iTunes the RSS feed to that blog. iTunes just pulls in the media via RSS into iTunes. So anyone can be in iTunes…you just need an RSS feed.

Your Blogs Impress Me!

I have been so impresses with your level of reflection and blogging in this first class. Some great insight into the readings, your own readings, and your students and own kids. It’s been fun to get a glimpse into your head over the past 5 weeks.

What has impressed me the most however is your commenting and supporting of each other through comments. It’s these connections that make a community work, and you are well on your way to becoming a great supportive learning community.

I’m excited that this first course is coming to an end, all the systems are set up, as well as my personal systems to keep track of everything, and we can continue to learn together.

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