10 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Google Reader

  1. Hey Jeff,
    There is a much easier way to make a new folder in the Reader (and you’ll kick yourself !) It seems that you need to have subscribed to a site first. Then hover the cursor over the link and click the black triangle that appears; you get an option to add New Folder. Name the Folder, and then just drag all the other subscriptions you want into it.
    Hope that saves you some time. I’ve sent a screen shot to your gmail.

      1. Avatar of sleonardis

        How do I get the reader for my Mac that will let me read offline? That will be very helpful for me. I can load everything in the morning when the speed is good and read it later. Any suggestions for reading on my iPod touch? Thanks!

          1. Avatar of sleonardis

            Thanks! It’s great. So much easier than waiting for Google reader to load.

  2. Avatar of Tara Waudby

    Hey Jeff,

    I subscribed to your podcasts on ITunes so that I can access the videos even when not online, but they don’t seem to post for several days after they’ve been posted to the blog. Am I looking in the wrong place? This isn’t urgent, and I know you are traveling…

    1. Avatar of Jeff Utecht

      Hi Tara,

      That’s my fault as I’ve been traveling and haven’t gotten the latest videos up on iTunes will do that now and they should be able to be downloaded shortly.

      Sorry about that.

  3. Cindy Hopkins @ 2012/02/26

    Jeff. What is the RSS reader Ap for iPad? Not the one that downloads them, but the one you use with an Internet connection? Thanks!

      1. Avatar of Cindy Hopkins

        Thanks Jeff! I downloaded Flipboard last night… love it! I can flip thru so many articles quickly and then tap on the ones I want to read. It is easy to use and navigate. Thanks!


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