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The web started in 1974 and took a decade to spread after that, so effectively we‘ve only been online about 25 years. How did we survive all that time without it? Yes, that’s how vital it’s become to most people’s lives, including me! In terms of it’s significance it pretty much blows everything else out the water, TV & radio- definitely, what about fire or the wheel?
Since I first got online in the early 90’s, it’s growth and my use of it has increased enormously.  A brief review of how I/most people use it now days, both professionally & personally, quickly reveals how essential it has become; banking, booking flights & hotels, communication (with absolutely everybody!), maps, news, music, podcasts, chess, you tube, applications for lessons, blogging, the list goes on and on. If you just stop and think for a moment about what fantastic programs are available for free, take skype for example, and how it all works, it’s either a 1 or a 0 right, it a miracle isn’t it? Well very close anyway as this site explains all aspects of it.

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  1. Your site looks so familiar…did we copy each other? Seriously though…humans did manage to survive without the Internet. We have been around for many years and will most probably be around for many more. All those discoveries were important milestones for the time they were made in. They were significant…and yes, the Internet is significant. But who knows…something more significant could come along and then the Internet will become just another one of those relics of human history.

    I enjoy using the internet. I enjoy the convenience, but I am also realizing that we are potentially losing one of the most important facets that make us human when we move our whole lives online. We lose the simplicity of the human touch…a network more powerful than any virtual connection one could ever make.
    That I believe is significant.

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