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There is some disturbing stuff floating around e space, not least the rate my teacher site, you don’t even need to know the teacher to be able to rate and post a comment! Anyone can post anything about you and where is your comeback? Through the courts, I suppose, if it’s libelous, good luck with that one. It’s banal anyway i.e rate Easiness as bad to great, what on earth does that mean? Fortunately there are too few schools, teachers and comments on the site at the moment to make it anything but dull and boring so I don’t see it catching on in the way facebook did.
Nevertheless the idea behind it is a real professional worry, I am all for accountability and openness but this is a step too far.
Following on from this; there is probably much information on us in cyberspace that we are not aware of or in control of. We may prefer it not to be there but there is little to nothing we can do about it. The recent facebook announcement and subsequent u turn by the company stating they own all pictures uploaded, even on deleted accounts shows the potential sites like this have with your personal information. The message is think before you post, well I have so I will……….

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  1. Hey Neil, I know it is quite disturbing to know anyone can rate any teacher on “Rate My Teacher.” When I was searching around on the site I didn’t find it as appealing or catchy like Facebook either…which is a good thing. I’m just hoping this doesn’t change. It makes me a little nervouse to know if you upset a student or parent at any given time they have the chance to “get you back” by rating you poorly on this type of site which could be used against you in the future. I often wonder how students and parents would feel if the shoe was on the other foot?

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