Reflection on MacArthur conclusions

Reading the Macarthur report has given me information and ideas to reflect on technology in our society and schools. There is this rather strange divide between digital immigrants and natives along the lines of age, an integrational wedge exists and I want to be on the technologically competent side this so I can at understand the issues and uses so I can apply these to my students and also to my own children.
Youth is the future it’s shaping the direction we are going. It is important for teachers & parents to understand their relationship with technology so they can offer sensible advice.
Social media has incredible power, as can be seen from the recent Arab uprising, this brings into question safety of postings, who should be monitoring it and how?

Interest driven, peer based learning and assessment is very powerful in the digital age and is a great tool to incorporate in curriculum delivery. I do use this technique but have not used it in a technological sense. It can be difficult to formally assessment however this could happen in the context of the subject matter; sometime to think about.

I have been particularly surprised by a quick poll I conducted with my students about how they feel about using e books, an overwhelming majority opted for hard copies! I think as e books develop and become more interactive this will capture student’s imagination and change their attitudes towards them.

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