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The Pitta Patta of Digital Footprints

Some rights reserved by giulianocozzi It is estimated that each one of us has 45GB of online footprint, (link here), it is not stated how this figure is arrived at but a quick calculation of the total digital universe 281 … Continue reading

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Course 1 Lesson Plan – Global Warming

Rather than factually teach and then discuss the possible causes of Global Warming I tried to personalize the issue by getting students to make suggestions about what they could actually do to reduce their global warming footprint. The previous lesson … Continue reading

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Dan Meyers Talks and so do I

One can not disagree with the benefits of teaching Maths or indeed many subjects the way Dan Meyers preaches in his TED talk. Unfortunately the school reality is that for students to do well in the IB DP they actually … Continue reading

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Reflection on MacArthur conclusions

Reading the Macarthur report has given me information and ideas to reflect on technology in our society and schools. There is this rather strange divide between digital immigrants and natives along the lines of age, an integrational wedge exists and … Continue reading

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