Geeking out

I was reflected on the course so far and thinking how long it’s been that I have wanted to get up a blogging, RSSing & revisit twitter all things I have been encouraged to do in the last 3 weeks so thank you coetail course for making that happen. A key aspect of this enthusiasm and also referred to in the Geeking out article and highlighted by Jeff in his videos and that is the personal interest angle.

When young people are ‘geeking out’ I was struck by their ability and motivation to self learn. It is very difficult and almost always unsuccessful for students to self learn Physics. I believe the difference lies in this personal interest aspect as mentioned above as well as the obvious difference in nature of the subject matter.
A useful feedback tool I use in my classes and it seems when ‘geeking out’ it has even more power is peer feedback. It is interesting how the amateur can help the expert. The geeks appear to crave feedback as a way of getting better, the difference here is the quantity of feedback and its anonymity. The geeks get encouragement and growth from it, both goals I have when using it. I liked the quote that one good comment can outshine many bad ones, as long as someone likes my music I am happy.
The other point I found refreshing was that geeking is all about a desire to produce something/succeed and not driven by money.  Nice.



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