I have recently been reading two different sources.  The first article considers What does “Technology Integration” really mean? The article really highlighted for me the privailaged position I presently find myself in with a one-to-one laptop programme throughout the school.  It also meant that I had to consider what was next after reaching, what is described as the seamless integration stage without really trying that hard.

Having read Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project it further highlighted my position with the statements such as:

“Both the generational divide and the divide between in-school and out-ofschool learning are part of a resilient set of questions about adult authority in the education and socialization of youth. Some argue that new media empower youth to challenge the social norms and educational agendas of their elders in unique ways.”

So it is my job as a teacher to start to consider what I need to do to bridge this divide and actively use new media and the associated mind-set of my students to help them make better use of their school time and learn to shine brighter in the future.   So I suppose as spiderman’s Aunt May best said, “With great power comes great responsibility”