Digital Vacations

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 I’m starting to think about what I need to pack for my two-week vacation to Vietnam. While there, my husband and I will visit 7 different cities. Some of our plans include trekking through the hills in the north (Sapa), taking an overnight boat to Halong Bay and eating the scrumptuous crab that they sell right out of their boats, visiting Marble Mountain (an important site during the Vietnam War), and hanging out on the beaches of Danang. The modes of transportation that we will use are via airplane, boat, train, taxi, bus, and our own two legs. So, amongst all of the traveling and moving from one hotel to another, I am still wondering if I need to pack my CELL PHONE, SLR DIGITAL CAMERA, CANON G10 CAMERA, iPAD, and KINDLE. And these aren’t unusual questions I ask myself every time I take a vacation.  

Most of us, these days, travel with many electronic devices. How much weight does this add to our luggage? And then when you throw in the cables for downloading photos, charging devices, and power converters, now you’ve got an entire backpack full of digital tools … for vacation!  

But can any of us imagine traveling without these things? I can’t, so I’ll pack them all, I guess!  

And how often will I use these items? Daily, I’m sure!    

  • I’ll need the cameras every day to capture the culture, architecture and people of Vietnam.
  • I’ll need my kindle to catch up on my personal reading.
  • I’ll need the iPad to check emails.
  • I’ll need my phone to call my family on Christmas Day.
  • I’ll need all of the chargers to refuel my digital tools each night and the power converters to use them in Vietnam.


While on my journey, I’ll make sure to post all of the photos I take to Facebook! :)