One of two competitive sections at Cinematik IFF is a competition of Slovak documentary films named Cinematik.doc. The international jury will give Cinematik.doc Award to one of 11 films made between September 2012 and September 2013.

Velvet Terrorists (Zamatoví teroristi) by Pavol Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský and Peter Kerekes will have Slovak premiere at Cinematik. The film won Fedeora Award at Karlovy Vary IFF just a few weeks ago.

It is a portrait of three men sentenced for acts of terrorism in 1980s Czechoslovakia. Stanislav Kratochvíl, František Bednár and Vladimír Hučín stood idealistically against communist regime and planned to blast a tribune a night before parade of May 1st, to assassinate President Husák, or were blowing up the bulletin boards of the Party. What one might consider to be a desperate and unique attempt of resistance is in a sense heroic manifestation of idealism and disgust of then regime, too.

Today the protagonists look back at their deeds and the film tries to find out how the anti-communist position and imprisonment affected their lives – one of them has relationship issues; the second one proudly reconstructs his intentions in front of his sons; the last one is “life-long” rebel and now is training his successor.

In the selection, there are also Graduates/ Freedom is not for free (Absolventi/ Sloboda nie je zadarmo) by Tomáš Krupa about young people and their problems to find a job; Roman Fábian’s Miners’ Bread (Banícky chlebíček) about social implication of closing of mines in a mining area of Upper Gemer, Slovakia; The Gypsy Vote (Cigáni idú do volieb) by Jaro Vojtek follows a Roma activist who wants to succeed in local elections; Miroslav Béreš’s Forgotten Dubois – Undiscovered Beauty is a travel film about a small town between two national parks.

The History Lesson (Hodina dejepisu) by Dušan Trančík deals with differences in perception of Treaty of Trianon between Slovaks and Hungarians; Peter Važan observes political meetings prior the latest general elections in his Kampañeros; Normalization (Kauza Cervanová) by Robert Kirchhoff questions decisions of the courts in an infamous murder case.

In his New Life of Family Album (Nový život) Adam Oľha tries to understand what happened in his family after his father had left; Adam Hanuljak listens to the problems of young parents in his About Young Parents 2 (O mladých rodičoch 2); and Pavol Barabáš continues in mapping of lives of mountaineers who were conquering High Tatras in Tales of the Tatras Peaks II – The Enticed by Heights (Príbehy tatranských štítov II – Posadnutí horami).

Cinematik.doc jury composes of film critics Tristan Priimägi (Estonia), Pamela Pianezza (France), Reinhard Bradatsch (Austria), Petr Siska (Czech Republic) a Daniel Vadocký (Slovakia).

Previous winners of the competition are Jaro Vojtek’s The Border (Hranica) in 2010, Erika Hníková’s Matchmaking Mayor (Nesvatbov) in 2011 and The Bells of Happiness (Zvonky šťastia) by Jana Bučka and Marek Šulík in 2012.