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Incorporating technology into school’s communication needs and wants….is a theme I am working on for my final project. As I am sitting here  reflecting on the course materials from course 1 to course 4, I feel that this COETAIL certificate may have been the most practical learning experience I’ve ever done. Despite the fact that this course is tailored towards teachers and how teachers can employ technology to use in their classrooms, I’ve benefited greatly just by being exposed to the discussions, the course materials, the new tech tools introduced in each class etc.  Although I do not get to experiment those recommended tech tools and ideas as much as teachers do (if any), this course offers me the best direct opportunity to learn about the products I am selling; teachers and students’ work and what goes on in the classrooms, so I can be a better representative and communicator for my school. It is a privilege to be in a room full of positive energy where teachers are exchanging ideas and teaching techniques with one another, and everyone shares that same common goal of providing the best for students to grow up and be responsible global citizens in as many expects as they can do within their teaching capacity. The room is always full of “passion” and it is that magic ingredient that makes me love being part of the course (even though I feel like a black-sheep). It is my utmost intention when I communicate with prospective parents and students that, while the physical features of the school are impressive, they are really deciding on whether to be a part of a school community that drives learning with passion and positive energy.  And the best way for me to extract those passion from teachers and turn it into great PR or marketing piece is by spending time and keeping updated with what they are doing with their students.

Berkeley Facebook Fan Page

Instead of creating lesson plans like my teacher peers, my final project will focus on using technology as additional communication tools within the School community and other stakeholders. I will discuss exclusively how I use the School Website together with the social network site namely “Facebook” to reach out to the Berkeley community and to a certain extent, prospective families. A central guiding theory behind this final project comes from Ruben R. Puentedura ‘s handout, “Transformation, Technology and Education” which categorizes technology implementations into 4 categories namely substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition. Utilizing website and Facebook  is  my work in progress to transform the current stage that these tech tools  are used for communication from ‘modification’ to ‘redefinition’ level.  Originally, the old website was kept static and the main function was just to “push information” out. Hence the revamp of the website has the intention of making the site more interactive and user friendly. It ‘s my goal to turn the website into a center for online communication  which the school uses to  communicate with parents, students and other prospective audience.  In addition incorporating the official website with social network like Facebook is another area I am currently working on but like I said it is still a work in progress as there are currently limited resources on how I can strategically assess the use of social network for marketing and communication purpose.  At this point, I am therefore  keeping the Facebook account active but do not make a formal link/connection to the official school website due to some policy issues and business strategy reasons.

Therefore, the purpose of my final project is to discuss and reflect on the implementation process of these communication tech tools, more so than discussing about a successful communication campaign as I am still too early in the progress. I will mainly talk about my journey in engaging these tech tools, the obstacles I am facing in term of resources , what works well what don’t and ultimately I want to lay out the plan to use these tech tools to engage my audience, and  perhaps discuss the possibility of incorporating more tech tools.

To frame my final project, below is my plan in the “Understanding By Design Template”:

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  1. Love it!

    I think for your final presentation you can look at two different aspects of your Facebook page.

    The new pages give you a lot of analytical data which is great. What I would be interested in are two different metrics.

    1. How have you been able to grow the number of community members that “Like” the page and connect via Facebook. What types of promotions can you run to spread the work and get people connected?

    2. Even more important is the amount of “interaction” that the members of your site have. Just looking through it’s great to see you are getting some “likes” and comments on your postings…that’s a good sign. This engagement level with the community is where companies need to focus. Liking the page is easy….getting people to engage with your “product” or updates is the next step. That’s what I’ll be really interested in hearing you present. This idea of engagement is critical in social-networking…so focus on that.

    Great work!

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