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Flipped Classroom – The Future is Bright

After reading a few articles on Flipped Class initiatives and movement by Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams , I am truly fascinated and personally think this teaching and learning technique has a potential to revolutionize/transform the way the traditional classroom is conducted. Witnessing this technique being put into practice and being implemented by increasing number of educators, I have faith that this teaching approach is working and can greatly assist the 21st century learning.  Apart from the discussion on the flipped concept, what I got out from my readings Jon and Arron’s blog is  I came to realize the power of professional learning communities/networks as educators are constantly sharing ideas and supporting each other in their discovery process trying out flipped classroom. This is an experience of a real technology integration which the process of learning and collaborating through technology becomes a natural process.

I remember back in college where my professors would assign to the class readings in advance that we were expected to complete before attending our next lecture. Despite the hard work involved, I found learning the content prior to class gave room for more analytical and in depth discussion when in class.  For me, the concept of flipped classroom is not much different from the concept of advance readings. The essential ingredient that seems to take the flipped classroom to another level is the use of technology. The use of software and videos as a medium to facilitate a flipped classroom is transforming the way content is learned. For me, flipped classroom is simply an alternative teaching technique that utilizes technology in a classroom in a meaningful way, the way that leaves a positive impact in students learning experience.

Despite various viewpoints towards the idea and the application of flipped classroom, I feel that if this is conducted carefully, it can help engage students in the classroom hence increasing the interaction between teacher-student in classes.  Students are expected to exercise their skills as independent learners, learning the content outside of class, which allows the teacher to act as a learning coach rather than a presenter of information.   It seems to me that it could create a creative space in the classroom for students to maximize their potentials.  The teacher is able to differentiate their instruction according to individual needs in the classroom.  Gaps in knowledge and those that excel in certain content areas will be immediately recognizable upon arrival in the classroom.

All in all, I like the concept of flipped classroom and I wish to see such technique being implemented here at my school. To find out more about flipped classroom concept, check out the cool Infographic below:

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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