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My first infographics resume

This is a snapshot of my infographics resume. Please go to  http://re.vu/napatthorn.l to view it in full function.

I love infographics and enjoy seeing those cool and creative ones! However, I am not so keen about making one from scratch by myself… so I am going to start off small and give my first try  using an already made template.   I was introduced to 3 websites that provide templates for creating infographics resume. This is awesome as I do not have to worry  about my creative and artistic skills (or lack thereof) to make my resume looks visually pleasing…better to leave such tasks to professional graphic designers, eh? =D

So these are the three infographics resume websites I browsed through and played with :




After much experimentation, I found http://re.vu/ to be my favorite from its visual design components to ease of use. It did not take me long to get my page set up. Once I entered my email that connects with my linkedin account, my basic information was automatically transferred to re.vu. The theme option was very easy to navigate and most of them look stylish. It took me like 5 seconds to find the theme I like. The basic default layout includes my name, title, biography and career timeline.  Getting my page established took about 3 minutes!

The fun bit came after when I started exploring the  “Edit my profile” section.  As you can see from the snapshot below, I can add more infographics tools to my resume.  So I did and added a few other graphics to my page. In addition I also added my photo and attached my current resume in a PDF format (http://re.vu/doc-viewer/napatthorn.l/resume-napatthorn.bel.laoboonchai.pdf.) The instruction on each category is easy to follow. Re.vu did a great job in giving me ideas and tips on how I can twist some sections of my traditional wordy resume into graphical representation through using the graphics tools they have made available. It was me who was incapable of grasping the concept of visual literacy so I ended up spending hours thinking…and still did not get too far!

The real struggle for me is to turn my wordy resume into a visual piece. I find re.vu application simple and easy to use so my problem does not have much to do with technical issues but more on my ability to transform the information i.e to quantify them into numbers etc.  My thinking process has never been very visual as I would prefer to do a 2,000words essay over a portrait drawing! So…I treat this resume as my first draft which I plan on revising once I train myself to be more visually literate! I hope it won’t take too long!






  1. Hey,

    Very interesting to see these websites put to use. I agree with your point that it is hard to take all the ‘important words” from your resume and imagine them being represented visually. However what you have so far looks great. I like the way you have presented your information and am happy that the website can help you organize that. Similar to what you said, i have no artistic bones in my body, and would much rather write than draw. Seems like this website helps you with that.

    I do love the look for infographs and how they can be used to visually represent data for kids, but really have a hard time making them, and would rather leave it up to the experts. I tried to make one on Saturday regarding the affects of media on people, but it was a total failure.

    What are your feelings on getting kids to use inforgraphs to represent their understanding of a topic. Personally I am not sold on the idea for my humanities or English classes. I would like to make a meaningful link, but nothing has come to mind yet. I wonder if wordle would be at all in the same family is infographics, as it takes bits of information and visually represents them- just without the data.

  2. Hi,

    I went on the same voyage of discovery with respect to investigating the same three infographic resume sites but came out with a different viewpoint – well favourite at least. However looking at the screen shots within you blog it appears that you took a much closer look at the tools within the software rather than my own very quick “drive-by” attitude.

    So you have certainly convinced me to spend a little bit more time on re.vu (as the vice-president of the company also requested in his comment on my blog).

    Thanks for the insite.


  3. Wow – this is cool. I didn’t have a clue there were info graphic resumes. I first thought of myself – then I thougth of my students. I can’t wait to try this with them. I may be teaching English next year – what fun this could be! Thanks!!!

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