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I would like to share my comments on a recent Bloomberg article on ‘Unholy alliance against online learning’ I agree with many comments that the article’s opening lines are a bit strange. It could be telling us either that college teaching is not challenging for the instructor, or that the lack of competition and opposition […]

    The challenges of increasing students’ deeper understanding of language learning through an online course were greater than Reiko and I had anticipated. One of our goals is to increase their cultural understanding with language use, not just for Japanese language use, but also with similarities in their native language.   Although the classes […]

According to the Sunday morning TV program in Tokyo, there were four separate arrests between June 2012 and today for cyber-scare notices in Japan. These include: – The bomb scare of Ise Shrine: one of the most sacred shrines in Japan, – A kindergarten bomb scare – A school bomb scare – An indiscriminate killing […] For the Course 5 final project, we are working with students who take on-line foreign language course on the East Coast of the United States. In our case study, two public school students and four college students are enrolled in this program. The class is offered during their school hour (9-10am their time) and […]

In a foreign language class, where most of the contents in lessons are rather basic—like the exchange of greetings, weather, likes and dislikes, school life, home—helping to increase students’ critical thinking skills is a challenge. For students to come up with relevant questions regarding what they are leaning in Japanese, and the case of my […] At the beginning of the Coetail work, I wrote the above blog post for the November 15, 2011 assignment: Copyrights East and West, based on my own experience as a foreign student in the United States. Even Japan has a rather unique interpretation of copyrights, copying someone’s exam answers and submitting them as one’s […]

It has been a great year of learning at COETAIL at YIS. Thank you everyone. I leaned how to connect and share with teachers who have similar interests, and reflect on and apply what I learned. The reading materials and discussions with other members definitely sharpened my cognition as an educator. For the final project […]

Current brain research confirms the effectiveness of such      vs       Personal learning, PBL, problem-based learning, project-based learning, … As we discussed various types of learning, it became clear to me that there is no one learning style or teaching method appropriate for all. First, educators need to know what kind […]

Frameworks. Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media … I would like to share the article on the Education Week Teacher titled: Technology that will shape education in the next 5 years This blog was by Patrick Ledesma: The NMC Horizon Report > 2012 K-12 Edition is a collaborative research effort between the NMC, the […]

I found the article ‘What Difference Might One “S” Make?’ very inspiring. ‘I’ve been thinking that instead of Computer Applications, our students should be learning Computer Application.’ What a fascinating way to differentiate the two ideas: one ‘s’! We educators are busy mastering and introducing cutting edge applications to class, and not spending nearly enough […]