When working with students in introductory and intermediate language levels, making lesson plans where students are expected to report stories are always a challenge. Instructors have to provide the specific target culture lesson prior to the project assignments to expect students’ success.

With my fellow Japanese language teachers, we brainstormed how to incorporate literary reviews and storytelling into the curriculum.  We kept ACTFL 5C in mind. Communication, Culture, Comparison, Connection and Community.

After we finished drawing the story board, we cut the project into several two-class hour assignments from which students can choose.

Our example shows a news-reporter presenting (Communication Presentation) on Japanese fish prices (Community & Culture) going up due to Chinese people eating more fish (Connection and Comparison). Also showing a chart on the world hunger statistics based on shortage of food (Connection.)

We can expect better technology use for this project, but our intention of this sample is to present acceptable level of students’ work.