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When working with students in introductory and intermediate language levels, making lesson plans where students are expected to report stories are always a challenge. Instructors have to provide the specific target culture lesson prior to the project assignments to expect students’ success. With my fellow Japanese language teachers, we brainstormed how to incorporate literary reviews […]


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In the winter 2012 Ed. Magazine issued by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I found a brief note mentioning the casebook Our Space: Being a Responsible Citizen of the Digital World. According to the Our Space write up, Professor Howard Gardner and his GoodPlay project, consisting of Harvard, MIT and USC scholars, spent three […]


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In the blog Strength of Weak Ties, David Jakes wrote “Visuals, when combined with other multimedia, provide individuals with a competitive voice…Networks for sharing and collaboration extend that voice; that voice can contribute to a conversation as a contributing member of a community.” Although the following numbers come from several different sources, according to some […]

Presentation Zen is a book with a great eye-catching title composed by a non-Japanese resident in Japan. Before discussing the contents, however, I can’t help pointing out the unfortunately miss represented visual image. The author of the video talks about a boxed lunch, a bento, but shows a picture of a sushi meal, complete with […]

According to the Nikkei, SME will no longer accept the job application called “entry sheets,” but will instead require the applicants to submit a two-minute, self-portrait movie answering four questions. This clip should be recorded on a mobile device, such as a smart-phone. A TV commentator said that there were too many similar and well-written […]