I published the blog‘Mosaic’ over ten years ago and at that time many of the applications which are currently available were not yet developed, especially  in the area of adding sounds and videos to the pages.

Although I have the solo editing rights, this project was a collaborative effort of many. Before editing and upgrading the ‘Mosaic’, I have to do the followings:

  •  Get copyrights for the inserted comics.
  •  Update the contents of the Jim Cummins, BICS and CALP theory, since he added one more definition

Changes and additions.

  •   Add the sounds of the comics’ trips.
  •  Upgrade the qualities of charts and sketches.
  •  Add Jim Cummins’ Key Note Speech.YouTube Preview Image
  •  Add actual students’ speech samples and work samples by hyper linking from the appropriate section.

At the ERCOS Feb 4-5 meeting, I was reassured about the importance of giving clear project guidelines to the students, and providing an applicable rubrics reflecting the instructor’s expectation.