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Thanks to Adam Seldis, who shared the “personal branding 101 post” on his blog, I found the following equation for successful branding of oneself: Your self-impression = How people perceive you.   I would like to share my own personal experiences. When I lived in NYC, strangers constantly asked me for directions whenever I was […]

Course 2 Final Project Copyright Laws I believe that one of the most obvious and fun ways to measure students’ understanding of the required content is to put them in the instructor’s position. While planning this project, one of the most interesting past assignments came to mind: having high school students teach a class to […]


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“Six Degrees of Separation” states that ‘Discovering common acquaintances with perfect strangers on worldwide trips repeatedly reminds us that some people on the other side of the planet are often closer along the social network than people living next door.’ I find this to be a reassuring statement that shows the similarities one can share […]