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We chose a project that most beginning-level Japanese Language and Culture learners will experience at either the end of the 1st semester or at the end of the 1st year assessment. The timing of this project depends on how often the class meets or how advanced the students’ language acquisition skills are. It is increasingly […]

If we were to discuss project-based learning, I think High Tech High should be mentioned. Many of my colleagues from the previous school I worked at visited the HTH in San Diego CA; I was not so fortunate, but I learned a lot about the program and also had a chance to listen to one […]

I came across the following article and thought that he has a good point: Tips for sharing new technology tools in schools When introducing new technology tools to colleagues at school, he suggests limiting the discussion to three new tools at a time. In fact, when ‘Google doc’ is the tool to be introduced, there […]


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Ever since I read the article on the four-step process of change, I have been pondering the idea of applying this to the field of education. When we do new things in a new way, we find the faster, sometime cheaper, easier ways to get a better result. A few years ago the Blue Ocean […]