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In the article Adopt and Adapt: Sharing Tech for the Classroom, Prensky states that for the digital age, we need “new everything” around education: curricula to assessment, and more. When we discuss invention, change is inevitable. As in medicine, in education we are responsible for students’ futures; without new procedures/ways to replace the old practices, […]

It was great to hear what Geeks’ had done in their teaching places/classrooms last weekend. It was comforting to learn that some of them were not necessary tech-savvy, and had some struggling moments to get where they are now. The article ‘Coincidence or Connection?’ gave me valuable insights on how important it is to establish […]

It is great to learn Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy where the label of the each category is a gerund. I only know the original one. And ‘Synthesis’ being removed and Creating added as the highest order of thinking skills was most interesting to me; now I know where the ‘out of the box thinking’ is coming […]

The Christensen’s article Student-centered learning has been discussed for many years now and it forced changes in curriculum building. Now Christensen’s article points out the need for ‘Students Centric Education’ as future education practices. I agree with Christensen’s statement ‘For computer-based learning to bring about a disruptive transformation, it must be implemented where the alternative […]