Course 2 AUP Project

Through collaboration with JamesRock, MichelleBen and Andrew, who are all teachers with me at Taipei American School, we revised and updated the AUP for grades 3-5.  We initially looked at the current TAS AUP policies as well as other published AUPs to get some ideas of how our school compares to what others are doing.

One of our focuses was to align the AUP with our school’s values program and thereby give more structure to the document itself. Additionally, we wanted to simplify and clarify a number of points which we felt needed to better reflect the current landscape of the net.

Additionally, we added a student and parent agreement form in the hope that the AUP would not simply be something that was published on the web, but would have the expectation that all students and parents are fully aware of the expectations for internet usage at TAS.

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