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Recording in the Classroom

I admit it, writing is easy for me. Doing the blogs, reflecting, learning and expressing myself in writing goes quickly, and generally involves only myself. To create a visual and aural work brings in many other levels of thinking and … Continue reading

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Give me an S! A! M! R!

OK, So the challenge is to look over my use of technology in the classroom, and decide how the SAMR model applies to it. So, here it is, technology use in my classroom at the moment: 1. Students currently have … Continue reading

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Am I too zen?

I’ve been pondering Garr Reynolds reflections about what makes a good Powerpoint presentation,  in particular, regarding simplicity. I’m naturally drawn to simplicity of visuals, and have never been much of a decorator. While I’m a voracious reader, that doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Policies and Procedures Keynote, Yawn or Yeah!

At the beginning of the school year, I have a Policies Keynote that I use to go over my grades and such. When looking at presentation zen materials, it seemed like a prime example for an overhaul. It is a … Continue reading

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Powerpoint, what’s it for anyway?

Presentation Zen all sounds good to me! Simpler slides, strong visuals, few transitions, focused message, attention on what is spoken, all seems to be on the right track for what I approve of myself in a presentation. That said, I’m … Continue reading

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Course 2 Final Project–The AUP

For the final project in this course, I was interested in the idea of working on the AUP for my school. This was for two reasons, one was to familiarize myself with the document, which I must admit I’d never … Continue reading

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Webbed together

Today in class my students were discussing how commercial flight has changed our world. The answer oh-so-helpfully provided by my text, was that they should simply understand that it made the world smaller (don’t you love these canned questions?).  Much … Continue reading

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Don’t tell the teachers!

“Whatever you do don’t tell the teachers, they just make it worse.” I’ll always remember this line. It was written in a fake advice letter that a student was writing in response to fake problem letter written by another student. … Continue reading

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It’s not plagiarism, it’s part of my concept!

Do you know those moments when you’re on the internet and reading one thing leads to another and to another? I had one of those recently when looking in to the plagiarism issue online. The concept of remixing with text … Continue reading

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Mountain bliss and email too!

It’s been a great spring break off in the mountains of Nepal, complete with total detachment from all things related to teaching and technology. While I admit to occasionally borrowing my husband’s phone to check my email, I wrote none, … Continue reading

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