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It’s not plagiarism, it’s part of my concept!

Do you know those moments when you’re on the internet and reading one thing leads to another and to another? I had one of those recently when looking in to the plagiarism issue online. The concept of remixing with text … Continue reading

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Mountain bliss and email too!

It’s been a great spring break off in the mountains of Nepal, complete with total detachment from all things related to teaching and technology. While I admit to occasionally borrowing my husband’s phone to check my email, I wrote none, … Continue reading

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Don’t notice me!

Ok I admit it. I do like my obscurity. I’ve often felt reassured by being anonymous in a crowd. I’m careful with my opinions, and while I like to read the opinions of others (up to a point), I rarely … Continue reading

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The importance of asking permission

I recently attended the EARCOS conference, where some of the keynotes mentioned the importance of storytelling to send a message. So here’s a story… Once upon a time, I had a lovely little sister Esme. She was beautiful, loving, and … Continue reading

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