My final project for Course 1

Finally! I suppose there’s a lesson in leaving projects to the last minute, if suddenly the internet no longer works. In addition to the fear that it might not get posted at all, it made the construction of the unit a bit less detailed than I would have written it. Normally I would include all links of information used, but I had no time to collct them, and Youtube is difficult to load in Myanmar even at the best of times. But, in a world where internet is faster, and I had easier access to computers in the classroom, this unit is what I would love to do with my class as a transition between studying biodiversity and electricity.

Now as a quick side note, one web 2.0 site that I have used this year is Edmodo, the education facebook clone. Students really enjoyed it, and it was a valuable way to share comments and ideas about science articles and projects. It also has a library for storing useful links and such. So I made it one of the key tools for sharing information in this project. However if I did have easier access, I would probably have looked for more publishing options for the videos, so that their points of view would have had a greater audience. Of course, that would be contingent on how comfortable we are taking a public stance on a controversial issue, which is also something to tread lightly with in Myanmar even in today’s less restricted climate.

So hopefully in this unit students would have practiced identifying the biases behind the articles they find on the internet, and also developed skill and identifying and presenting persuasive arguments using not only text, but sound and images as well. Finally, by commenting on each others’ work, they would have practiced giving feedback in a more thoughtful way, which is a skill I wish was practiced more on most news websites I see.


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