Remix, Reuse….Repeat

Week 6 is the final blog post and the culmination of 2 big projects in course #3.  So far in this course I have been intimidated by large tech-savy words, overwhelmed with time-consuming new applications, daunted by the amount of time I spent playing with all of these shiny new tech toys, yet thrilled to be learning so many new things.

While reading the articles about remixing, I found that I struggle with ways to use remixing in the literature classroom.  One of the things I have loved about this CoETaIL course is that 90% of what I have learned I have been able to apply in the classroom immediately or at least within the week.  Then, I came across the article from The Learning Network. The authors, Amanda Brown and Holly Ojalvo provide great tools for teaching Remixing in the classroom.  The very first activity involves a Monster Mashup from the New York Times with scary Literature book covers!  VIOLA – Now, I have some ideas for next week!

Thinking about our final projects in this course I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and REMIX something that I had already done, so I began to hunt for previous movies I had edited. I was very excited to dig into the archives and find one of my videos from May of 2013 when I was still teaching in Seoul, South Korea.

Some of my 7th grade students were PUMPED after we watched the movie Pay it Forward and talked about ways to practically carry this out in our local community.  I discussed the fact that every week I volunteer at a local orphanage and hold babies and that even though I can’t speak much Korean, those nurses and babies know that I am there to love on them.  There are close to 70 babies and only about 3 – 4 nurses on duty every shift.  The babies are STARVING for physical touch and the nurses, with hearts of gold, are in desperate need of encouragment or a break.  Well, the idea caught on like wild fire and before I knew it about 15 students signed up to volunteer their time, money and Saturday afternoon to PAY FORWARD an act of kindness in the Republic of Korea!

YouTube Preview Image

Inspired by my experience and memories from the Pay it Forward trip, I decided to create a ZEN Google presentation about some facts dealing with orphans.

Advocate for the Abandoned


No rest for the weary – time to tackle course #4!


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2 Responses to Remix, Reuse….Repeat

  1. Profile photo of Jeff Utecht Jeff Utecht says:

    Great video and a wonderful way to integrate what you’re already doing and find a way to add remix to it. Well done!

  2. Misty will never forget us at Seoul Foreign School!

    Great video, Misty – very moving! I guarantee those students will never forget the experience you made possible for them.


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