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Mapping library with iPad apps

Spice up your library locating skill lessons by using the iPad. I read the book, Henry’s Map by David Elliot, and then grade 1 students used the iPads to map where the book was in the library. I let them … Continue reading

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How to videos using eBooks

I taught grade 5 students how to use Follettshelf and Overdrive, but know that many students didn’t have enough practice to comprehend all the steps. I had students get in groups of 3 and they could choose any iPad App … Continue reading

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Author Visit – Grace Lin

Grace Lin is visiting our school! If you are looking for author visit ideas I thought this might be of help in triggering ideas. Each grade level read a book and did a lesson to prepare for her visit. We … Continue reading

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Using Evernote for Coaching Tennis

I have taken three classes from the Positive Coaching Alliance that stress a 5:1 ratio of giving students 5 positive comments to every criticism. Last year I had small sheets of paper all over the place and wanted to be … Continue reading

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15-17 Rotation Musings

I’m going all iPads next year and no laptops. Kindergarten-grade 2: We read new books. Next rotation grade 2 will use Destiny Quest on the iPad and be introduced to searching. One unique feature with the iPads is students can … Continue reading

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14th Rotation – that time of year

My schedule turns topsy-turvy this time of year. Between camp Taiwan, field trips, CPT4 – er… or is it the CTP4 …or the CPR4? and the WRAP… (is there another P in there?) combine those and you have (drum roll) … Continue reading

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Virtual Badges

I taught grade 5 students how to use Goodreads and told them if they wrote book reviews on their own I would award them a badge using Edmodo, a social network out school uses. I’ve had a torrent of reviews … Continue reading

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13th Rotation

Kindergarten – We did the All About Me unit which I was supposed to do in the fall. Better late than never? They like this lesson and this was the easiest time I had with them doing it. Grade 1 … Continue reading

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Digital Libraries

We just got back from a trip to the Taichung National Library with an amazing array of technologies put to use from an electronic book sorting system to a robot that shelves books. They use RFID technology or radio-frequency identification. … Continue reading

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12th Rotation – Author Visit

Linda Sue Park’s eyes tap-dance as she explains the spur-of-the-moment decision to give her Newbery medal for A Single Shard to her dad at the ALA awards ceremony in 2002. The auditorium went from noisy to dead silent as I … Continue reading

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