I am a Lower School Librarian working at the Taipei American School who is taking a course for SUNY. Jeff Utecht is teaching the course and we are learning how to blog.

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  1. Lorna Flynn says:

    I am looking for ways to use QR codes this coming year and found your website and then saw you are working at TAS. I tweeted your link to QR codes.

  2. Harris Tobias says:

    Creative use of QR Codes aids in language training

    5 Little Froggies, a children’s early reader, makes use of QR technology to make language interactive. Readers can scan the codes for a variety of language experiences–reading, listening, translation. The book is available in print as as an ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel. I am happy to supply a free PDF copy to any teacher willing to take a look and give it a try. I welcome any feedback and suggestions on how to make this technology useful in the classroom. You can email me at: harristob@gmail.com

    link to amazon.com

    link to createspace.com

  3. Maria Cigala says:

    I would like to cite your website in my master’s thesis. Would you please give me permission and give me your information?
    Need your full name and the organization where you work.
    I am writing my thesis on leveling books in Spanish, but there is not many info, then I am starting with English. I liked your website very informational. Thank you

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