• Thank you! I have been so impressed by your projects. They are always so creative and sophisticated both in musical skills and technology. As I told you, I loved the ORFF concert this year. It was like watching […]

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    Our Culture Carry-Ons on Prezi

    This is my first Prezi ever! It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either.

    Here is what went well:

    The tutorials to get started are quick and easy to follow.
    To Add […]

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    Fantastic Photo Find!

    Today I had a Dr. Suess moment! A “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” kind of moment. I was reading a blog post at Two Writing Teachers when I clicked on a link in a comment. This brought me to another blog called <a

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    Fantastic Photo Find!

    Project Projection For the final course project, Nancy Gorneau and I will work on creating supplemental vodcasts for students and parents using a variety of applications from Camtasia to ScreenChomp to the document camera. The plan will be to use the “vodcasts” in class and online. My ultimate goal will be to have student actively [...]

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    Technology has already changed education today, and I believe it will continue to do so rapidly. I believe that we be incorporating more and more technology tools into the classroom for students to use. It will be less and less teacher-driven and more and more student-centered. Bloom’s taxonomy changes with the use of technology, which changes [...]

  • Reverse instruction, also known as the “Flipped Classroom” is where instruction of skills and content are provided for students to view outside of class as homework. The objective of this is to use class time for the application of the skills to solve real-world problems creatively and collaboratively with teach support. There are many advantages [...]

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    I have to admit it. Sometimes technology integration makes me uncomfortable. It isn’t just because the devices don’t always work. It is because I feel less confident and have to work harder to use them, and more importantly find ways to get my students to use them. However, I do feel it is highly important [...]

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    It is imperative that schools implement the NETS today. We live in an increasingly technological world. Currently character education has been gaining momentum in my school. It is every teacher’s job in the school to model and engage students in the core values so it becomes not just procedural but behavioral. Likewise, all teachers should [...]

  • I think overall that I immersed myself in technology the most for this course. I began to use Twitter and discovered the massive resources that come from having a PLN. I read and commented on more blogs. I found some terrific new links such as http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/flickrCC/index.php for copyright friendly images. I learned about new…[Read more]

  • I just used Screenr to embed my PowerPoint mini-lesson into my blog. It was very easy to do. Best of all is that I learned about it by looking at the “how to” videos on Youtube. I found this one:

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    Thanks, Chris! It would be great to see what your students have done. We have a big Poetry Cafe in grade 4, which I’m sure you are aware of. It would be great to share ideas and see what kind of spiraling is going on.

  • I collaborate with the ESL teacher Ms. Blais for the afternoon literacy block in my classroom. Together we have been putting together a unit for poetry. For first few mini-lessons we have been using PowerPoint slides to teach some of the introductory lessons, such as the 5 doors of poetry to generate ideas and framing poetry [...]

  • I also skim and scan emails because we get so many in a day. Before I know I am buried in them. We began sharing our newsletter responsibility across the team so having a bulleted format with headings helps us to be consistent, especially when person who writes it for the team changes every ten [...]

  • As much as I am trying to incorporate technology more into my teaching, I want to give my students more opportunities to apply technology tools to motivate and enhance their learning, as well as make their school experiences fun. This week my class became “blog buddies” with Mrs. Powell’s fourth grade in the United States. Through Twitter [...]

  • Before I became a teacher, my plan was to make documentary movies so I guess you could say that I have always had an interest in media and the power of visuals. Now I can bring more creativity into the classroom to make my presentations more purposeful, engaging and clear. Several points from “ Presentation Zen: An Overview ” [...]

  • Did you know that OMG! and LOL! are now a part of the dictionary? Yes, these abbreviations have made it! I heard about it on Twitter. Then when I wanted to check that I had it correct, I remembered I could check my “retweets.” The best thing about Twitter is that I am developing a [...]

  • Your post is really informative. I like the idea of “question plans.” I remember an EARCOS presentation given by Art Costa about questioning a few years ago. He talked about delivering a question as a plural, such as “What ways are there to…” It is a different idea than you present here but it promotes [...]

  • Everyone who knows me well knows that I have a fear of presenting. It isn’t just your typical fear either. It is the kind of fear that keeps you from eating for days, makes you feel queasy and has you even speculate hypnosis as a possible cure for it. However, there are times when I [...]

  • I have been mulling over the ideas and questions I’ve had about copyright and cyberbullying issues. I found it difficult to blog a times for two reasons. One was that I felt the topic of copyright is a bit ambiguous. It is not always clear what rules to follow because they are not the same [...]