• Funny videos. They will never forget the quadratic formula now. A creative way to teach something pretty mundane but essential in math. Looks like the students enjoyed the project. Good Job!

  • You bring up some valid points, but I think there are more things to consider when discerning online privacy, especially if you live in a place with high crime rates. Having lived in a country with serious safety […]

  • You bring up some very interesting points about the filtering Google and Facebook do for us and our searches. There are two sides to it. I get what you are suggesting; we are loosing control of what appears on […]

  • A well thought out post. I too have a minimal digital footprint. And like you I have been debating what to put “out there” to represent who I am or what part of me I want “out there” (personal or professional). […]

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    Good post. Interesting story about the librarian letting you mess around with the commodore 64. As you say, having this chance made a big difference in your interest and confidence. A similar but opposite story […]

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    I was having trouble getting the local clickers we purchased in Taiwan working with resources purchased from the text publisher.  We were encouraged to buy locally because the Taiwan military makes it very difficult to import certain electronics like clickers.  Anyway, because of all this mix up, I came across Pool Everywhere on the internet.  [...]

  • As a science teacher I find it easy, almost natural to use the computer in the classroom.  Virtually everyday students are using their computers in the classroom.  My classroom has become almost paperless since the school went one-to-one with computers.  Tests are one online Blackboard. Homework is done online with WebAssign.  Many labs are done…[Read more]

  • With computers steadily dropping in price I can see a major change in education on the horizon, especially public education.  Over the next 5 to 10 years more and more schools will be going one-to-one.  As the cost of laptops, tablets, and handhelds drop it becomes that much more affordable and enticing for school divisions to [...]

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    Our school just had a PD day with Dr. Michelle Borba presenting a workshop on building moral intelligence.  There were a few things that really caught my attention.  One was that research says that moral intelligence can be taught. Researchers can tell within seconds which child is susceptible to being bullied and which kids are more likely to [...]

  • There are many variables and many people responsible to ensure that the technology standards are met in a school.  In the top international schools it starts at the hiring process.  Administrators need to hire qualified people who are not only experienced competent teachers in their subject matter, but also teachers who have the tech skills…[Read more]

  • I think the question depends on the grade level.  For elementary, there should be a separate class like PE, Music, or Library, where students go for a 30 minute class in a computer type room and a specialist works with them.  I say this from a point of view of a parent of a kindergartener. [...]

  • Good stuff Michael. I didn’t make the connection about USA today and the visuals, but it makes sense. I sometimes have students dozing off in my afternoon classes. I have been trying to include more visuals and movement in the class to keep students (especially the boys) interested.

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    Thanks Becky. I am glad your son was so engaged. A student told me a similar thing. They said their younger brother was so interested in the Rube Goldberg project that he made his own. His mother wasn’t too pleased though as he turned a big part of the apartment upside down making it. Looks [...]

  • For the class project, I wanted to create a piece of media myself.  After putting in about 5 hours of work, I felt I had a good start.  I knew what I wanted the finished product to look like and I knew how to get it done.  I just needed another 10 hours or so [...]

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    Thanks Peter. Allowing the boys to take a shot sounds pretty fun. I bet the boys are eating it up.

  • I have heard Michael Thompson speak two times. The first time was a several years ago at a teacher’s conference in Caracas, Venezuela.  His presentation had a real impression on me then, so I had big expectations from him this time around.  I attended his presentation on the Top Twelve Suggestions for Teaching Boys. Since that first time [...]

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    Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I still am glad I don’t have a lot of followers. Blogging is not my thing. At this point in my life, I got way too many things on the go and the blog is just a disturbance for me. Maybe that will change one day.

  • Thanks for the feedback Heather.

  • The last two images are certainly going to get the class’s attention. I have used similar analogies when teaching bonding but with words only. The visuals above will get the message across more effectively.

  • Max Planck has always fascinated me.  Planck is considered the father of Quantum Theory and received a Nobel Prize for his work in this area in 1918.  Einstein piggybacked on some of Planck’s ideas when he published his famous 1905 paper, On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies .  Einstein maybe most famous for relativity and E=MC 2, but it [...]