• Final Project

    iPad Math App. Final Project for Grade 1

    The goal is to provide insights into how iPads can be used to support differentiated instruction and learning for all students in Grade 1 math.

    Observational data

  • The iPads Are Coming!

    They had seen one iPad in the classroom charging.  They saw “iPad Project” on the schedule that day.  There was a lot of hearsay and gossip at recess.

    For the first graders, there was MUCH excitement for iPad

  • The iPads Are Coming!

    While I may change my mind a time or two, for now my final project idea is using iPads in the primary classroom.  It has been a very big topic at our school.  Just today our team submitted a request for 10 iPads […]

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    The iPads Are Coming!

    We had this discussion at our school as well and came to the same conclusion–we’d rather have more iPads than newer iPads.

    In reply to - Marcello Mongardi posted an update in the group iPads in the Primary Grades We considered the iPad 2 vs iPad 3 scenario, and decided that at an elementary level the get 5 for the price of 4 deal with the iPad 2 […] · View
  • This week’s topic is about laptop management in schools.  In first grade, we do have a class set of laptops, although they’re for occasional use and aren’t meant to be used in the same way our middle- and high-schoolers use them.  So I don’t think the topic quite applies to me and my students.  However, our school [...]

  • Thinking back to high school I remember how the calculus lesson made perfect sense at school but seemed like Greek once I got home to do my homework.  Many phone calls to friends later, my homework generally got finished.  But how great would it have been to be able to watch the lesson ahead of [...]

  • I really appreciated Jeff’s annoyance at the term “integration” in I Don’t Want to Integrate It, I Want to Embed It!   I, too have catch phrases that I strongly dislike: dialoguing (um, it’s discussing) and word-smithing (just annoying and I don’t know how to spell it.  One word?  Two?  A hyphen?). Jeff’s thinking is that technology integration means [...]

  • Oh, what a difference a letter makes… In the article “What Difference Might One ‘S’ Make?” David Warlick looks at the difference between a “computer applications” course and a “computer application” course. Sound the same to you? That’s what I thought at first. As I read more, I came to see the difference as noun versus [...]

  • As part of our neighborhood unit, we go on a neighborhood walk for a field trip.  We bring along digital cameras (one per two students) and LOTS of parents to make sure we all make it back to school.  The kids are told to take photos of anything they see in our neighborhood– buildings, animals, businesses, [...]

  • No, it’s not an episode of The Jetsons.  As if public teachers weren’t already in fear of cutbacks, now they have to worry about robots taking their jobs!  Ok, not really.  There really are robots to help kids learn, but they’re not meant to replace us (or so they say). Javier Movellan, who’s the director [...]

  • These are amazing. I love seeing that the fourth graders are doing very similar things to what my first graders are doing in character study, but in a different way.

  • Move over laptops, make room for the iPad. Laptops for students seems to be a thing of the past, quickly replaced by the iPad. Even in our own school, we are trying out iPads in some of our first grade classrooms. I have mixed feelings about the iPad at school.  One of the features that kids really [...]

  • I really like that the Kindle screen looks more like a real book and isn’t back-lit. In fact, many times I’ve moved my hand to turn the page when I get to the bottom of the screen. Of course the iPad has way more features than the Kindle, but I like the simplicity the Kindle [...]

  • My first graders blogged last year and it was amazing to see how much more motivated they were to post more when they got comments from each other (as well as from grandmas/grandpas and moms/dads, etc.). In fact many of them started posting from home, not just during I.T. class. They also thought more carefully [...]

  • Just this afternoon I was thinking about how I quickly scan (or sometimes just delete) long emails.  I figure, if it’s really important someone will email me again to remind me to:  RSVP, turn in my reading scores, finish my order form, etc.  From there, I started thinking about the weekly newsletter I send to [...]

  • It is an interesting debate between paper vs. digital. I’ve gotten really used to reading books on my Kindle, but I don’t like to read professional books digitally. There is something about being able to flip back and forth when you want to find a reference. I agree with Peter– I wonder if there is [...]

  • I think about all the times I have googled an image, copied it and then pasted it into a document or printed it (either for personal or professional use).  I can’t even count the times I’ve used images online, never thinking about copyright.  I mean, no one’s losing income if I use a photo on my bulletin [...]

  • Last night I was talking with some teachers and one high school teacher told us about an incident several years ago when some of her students used her name and opened an account with myspace. The posts included false claims, among them that she was dating the principal. She spoke to administration and their response was [...]