• Nathan, I talked to my students today and they suggested I delete the game Contraptions if they misuse their iPad. This would be significant because it is a game where the levels build and because it is their favorite! I do not know if this would work for you -if you allow any games or [...]

  • I do not find the physical management of 22 iPads challenging.  They need a place to charge and sync, they all need to be numbered (iPad, storage slot, charge cord) and a set of guidelines should be agreed upon.  Next year, I will simply incorporate these guidelines in our regular classroom ones.  I am still exploring [...]

  • I agree with you that with or without 1:1 technology in the class, the physical management is nearly the same. The aspect that I am figuring out right now is workflow. I have had students email me a lot for “check-in” type things, but I think we really need to start using GDocs more. Edmodo [...]

  • It sounds like your job will become busier but you cannot do this alone. Teachers will also have to become facilitators to help students access information and make connections. I appreciate the examples you gave in the last two paragraphs. I am pleased to learn about what can happen in high school because in elementary [...]

  • Megan, I have typically been on the side of this argument where we need to focus on skills and thinking because “knowing” specific content is not relevant for each student. With a 1:1 classroom I have significantly changed the way I teach. As a result my students are solution based thinkers and teammates. They also [...]

  • My educational career started off painful and compulsory.  It has now evolved into somewhat of an obsession where I cannot get enough new information into my brain.  I think that is where my interest in technology has come from.  Tech tools have allowed learning to become such an independent and intriguing experience. Independent learning is…[Read more]

  • I found our ESLERs! Unfortunately I do not think our model will be simplified like yours because the ESLRs were on the top of the page and the NETs on the bottom, as if they were two different things. There was no indication that they might overlap or intersect anywhere. I am still hopeful for [...]

  • I am keen to try a reverse model of instruction in my classroom but I have hesitations because I don’t believe giving them video to watch at home is a model of real learning.  I also don’t know how parents would receive this because they often like to see their kids “doing” homework, not just watching [...]

  • I really like how your school has overlapped the ESLRs and NETs because they really are two in one. At my school we are, unfortunately, without ESLRs and NETs are the responsibility of the technology teachers. Next year when we move to an integration model I think your point will be one that needs to [...]

  • Linc, Thank you for the breath of fresh air! You say that “great education revolves around great relationships,” and I cannot agree more. All too often we get stuck on the expectations -benchmarks and standards, then we forget about the people. I believe building relationships between students in a classroom community will become very important [...]

  • Technology integration is when technology tools are an integral part of the classroom. This year my room has become more integrated than ever before.  The tools are not shared and therefore are never removed from our learning area.  They do not interfere with learning because I do not plan out what the technology will do [...]

  • Technology standards ( NETS standards at my school ), should really be something bigger.  It does not make sense that we would teach anyone how to use an application without context. What I am really teaching kids is how to think; how to access reliable information, how to evaluate the validity of what they find, and how to [...]

  • By nature we are visual and verbal creatures.  As a means for developing global communication, written text can be seen as a stepping stone en route to our current visual and verbal world known as the web. I know myself as a visual learner and I much prefer working with people than paper, but I never [...]

  • My students completed digital stories, (mostly) during our field trip in a local rainforest, inorder to demonstrate their understanding of the unit’s three essential questions; what are the unique characteristics of the rainforest, how do we impact the rainforest, and how can we help the rainforest? We used Zapd, which is an app that creates…[Read more]

  • It clicked for me today and I wasn’t even looking for it.  I now understand the power of images and the importance of visual literacy.  As a teacher who uses images to inspire imagination and strengthen comprehension, I thought I knew how to create and give a presentation.  Prompted by course three of CoETaIL to open [...]

  • The most rewarding email I received this weekend:

    Dear Mrs. Arleth,

    This Weekend I created my own QR code for my blog. The link that I posted on this page will take you to my QR code for my blog.



  • My students fall in love with the rainforest because of the animals that live there.  Then they appreciate it because because they learn about how they depend on it.  This sets the scene for the strong emotional struggle I hope they feel when our focus of inquiry shifts to the impact humans have on theses [...]

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     Some rights reserved  by giulia.forsythe This year I feel I have my hands full, a mind that’s spilling over, and my passion ignited. I understand one of the greatest things administrators can do to support their staff in technology integration is give tools and support for autonomy. Allow creativity and ownership instead of setting [...]

  • A professional goal I have this year is to make student learning more authentic. Upon reflection, this happens in two ways; intentional project/unit planning, and by being able to flow with teachable moments. Our traditional school structure has an old fashion system of teaching that has been under scrutiny because students needs have been…[Read more]

  • Creating this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) has really consolidated the different ideas and huge amounts of information I have been exposed to over the last few months.  I know that I will be a better teacher because I now have a good understanding of these concepts. I really enjoyed working on Google docs (for the first [...]