• Thanks for sharing! I hope you keep striving to teach from the heart while simultaneously seeking the best teaching practices. Also, I agree that schools can’t just implement the latest technology. Rather, schools need to train their teachers to identify what might work best for the classroom and allow the freedom for teachers to adopt [...]

  • Thanks Aloni! This is a good idea. Things are going well with my students. We’re nearing the end of the year, and I know they’ll have a good foundation in blogging for future classes. If you ever want to read stuff from my students, there are links to each of their blogs via my classroom blog [...]

  • I think many of his idaes were definitely catered to the West. However, there are still many generalizations that apply to students within the International School setting. I think this is because students in these schools are highly exposed to other Westerners – whether students or teachers. Regardless of where a student is located, I [...]

  • Japan always seems to be on the front line for incorporating new technology into everyday life. As tech savvy as Hong Kong is, QR codes have not had a signifcant impact on most peoples’ lives thus far. Who knows, maybe they’ll start popping up soon!

  • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve been following Clint Hamada on Twitter for some time, but I know I would also benefit from reading the output from Dan Meyer and Liss Griffin. Thanks again!

  • Thank you! I’d like to peruse them first. Can you provide a link?

  • I’m looking forward to seeing some examples of your student-generated misconception videos. Thanks for giving me something to think about before I jump in with both feet to video tutorials and the flipped classroom!

  • Wayne, Thanks for the video and blog post. It certainly gives me a lot to think about and possibly rethink. I definitely want to teach my students to better learn and recall information. I’ll be especially tracking the outcome of this experiment. The one big change that I think would be easy to incorporate is [...]

  • I’ve finished my first legitimate UbD unit and project. You can view it here. It’s a math unit, and the topic is solving systems of linear equations. I think the UbD is okay, but since it was my first, it feels a little stilted or rigid. Some of my essential questions and objectives are a bit too formal, [...]

  • You’re very welcome Rebecca! Kudos to your school for making that shift. Making video tutorials is high on my list of activities to do in the next week or two. Hopefully I’ll remember to post a link of some student examples!

  • The backchannel chat is a great idea! I only wish my school was 1:1. However, the couple of times we’ve been in labs, it’s worked out pretty well.

    I’ll definitely check out wolframalpha.com in just a minute, even if it’s mythically magical or just plain weird. :)

  • Thanks for posting this information. This post and the discussion after EARCOS really helped to clarify the assignments. Good luck reading through everything!

  • Allison, thanks for this great and thoughtful post. I too teach math and am always looking to bring more depth and visualization in the classroom. I’ve taught about the golden ratio before, but I’ve never used people’s faces. Cool! I also like the idea of student-created material. If you are comfortable with PowerPoint, I want [...]

  • Grant commented on the blog post Why Blog? | 3 years, 6 months ago

    This was a great Prezi! Some of the captured photos were a little pixelated, but the content was fantastic and the student examples were especially good. One way to better help share this Prezi with other educators would be to create a supplement that gives a few more details rather than just the big idea [...]

  • I went to Jeff Utecht’s session on 1:1 Technology Tips. If you missed it or want to view the links and tools, you can find out more by clicking on his name above. Even though my current school is not a 1:1 laptop school, I hope it will be someday. photo © 2008 Jelle | more info (via: Wylio) In the [...]

  • During the EARCOS conference I had a chance to go to Aloni Cahusac’s sesson on blogs . I was excited because she said it would be more of a workshop than a listening session. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to the announcement. photo © 2007 Andrew | more info (via: Wylio) Nevertheless, there were many good things to be gained! First, it [...]

  • Yay! You’re my first non-Franke comment. Secondly, I’m glad I was able to sum up some of Thompson’s thoughts and ideas for you. I was also on Jeff Utecht’s back-channel during the keynote, and tech integration briefly came up on the chat. One shocking thing mentioned was that when tech is introduced/integrated, girls still seem [...]

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    I hung out with Ariane tonight! She was at the EARCOS dinner reception near the Sutera Marina, and we struck up a conversation. It turns out she’s pretty cool, and quite a well-rounded and motivated student. Even more interesting, we had fun conversations about HK music and music venues – she made it to the [...]

  • This morning I experienced my first useful lesson on QR codes. It was full of relevant information, and I started to figure out how I can use QR codes in the classroom. For example, which is better for this post: OR http://bit.ly/hn5Axz Decide for yourself, and let me know in the comments. The best definition I heard for [...]

  • This morning I had a chance to listen to Michael Thompson, author of the book Raising Cain . He had a lot to say regarding boys versus girls within the educational system. One of my favorite quotes from him during this session was that, “Boys suffer from the tyranny of low expectations.” In other words, Michael Thompson put [...]