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Course Three Project: Science Fair

There are certain things that just seem to go along with given grade levels.  Here at Seoul Foreign School, fifth grade is the year for the first overnight retreat, the beginning of band, and SCIENCE FAIR! This is my fourth year teaching fifth grade, and, for the past three years, our science fair has looked […]

Our Story, Digitally and in Under 30 Seconds

A few weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated the ten year anniversary of the beginning of our relationship.  When I read the assignment for this week, then, the first story that popped into my head was the story of Nathan and I.  Our relationship has spanned high school, college, and the beginning of our […]

Presentation Inundation

At one point in the far-distant past, no doubt it impressed listeners to no small degree that an individual could project his or her argument up on a screen so that the audience could follow an oral presentation visually sans handout.  If fancy transitions and a couple cheesy animations were included, so much the better!  […]

A Picture is Worth… A Lot

We recently updated our social studies framework and standards at Seoul Foreign Elementary School, and are now using Storypath materials to guide our curriculum.  While I have just started my first one with my students, I can already tell that they are engaged, curious, and excited about the content.  While the Storypath concept is not […]

Hitting the Links

There is no doubt that communication has changed.  As a member of a n incredibly close-knit family, I don’t think the life I am living and loving as a teacher in Seoul, Korea would be possible for me without the many communication tools that have followed the advent of the internet.  From email and Facebook […]