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Course Two Project: R U A Responsible User?

Next year, our school is moving to a 1:1 environment in fifth and sixth grade.  (Yay!!!)  Because of this, lots of time has been spent this year in developing a responsible use agreement for our students.  Our laptop initiative integration and implementation committees pored over RUAs from other schools, thought about specifics related to our […]

Course One Project: Collaboration in Action

One major thing I took away from ETC ’11 was the idea that having a personal learning network is essential for professional growth.  I’m building up my online network gradually, and have already gotten some fantastic ideas and feedback.  I have also been reminded, however, of the amazing network I have here at SFS.  Being in […]

When Things Click

I’ve heard that teachers make the worst students.  This may be true.  We are constantly reminding our charges to walk quietly in the hallway, to pay attention when a speaker has the floor, that they need to raise their hands, and that their “covert” whispering really is apparent to everyone in the room.  When teachers […]