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Managing Laptop Use

As I mentioned in a previous post this fall, managing my newly 1-to-1 classroom has actually been quite a bit easier than I thought it would be.  A quick rundown of some reasons and suggestions: Ubiquity… In previous years, we had two carts of 25 laptops each shared between 3 grades (9 classes.) Occasionally, teachers […]

The Process of Learning

What does it mean to educate someone?  What is “an education?”  How do we define an educated person? Traditionally, education has revolved around specific content knowledge.  We began school to learn things, went on to high school to learn more things, graduated and moved to college in order to learn more things.  This model worked […]

Flippin’ Sweet!

S orry… the Napolean Dynamite reference just HAD to happen. One of the biggest, most revolutionary, and most exciting ideas I came away from ETC ‘11 with was the reverse instruction/flipped classroom concept.  There is not enough time in the day to do everything we want to accomplish, and, added on to that, fifth grade […]

Segregation to Integration

The opposite of integration?  Segregation.  Thinking about what technology in the class SHOULDN’T be (namely, separate from everything else) really helped solidify what my idea of a truly integrated classroom is… one in which technology is seamlessly woven in as an essential tool, a classroom where students understand the power that technology holds and how […]

Nothing but NETs

Educators will never be full-fledged members of a figurative Clean Plate Club. square pancakes by presta Attribution-NonCommercial License We think we’ve got it all figured out; new initiatives become part of our daily routines, we’ve come to the end of our TO-DO list, hooray! ……………………………………..and then more is heaped in front of us. While I […]