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Course Two Project: R U A Responsible User?

Next year, our school is moving to a 1:1 environment in fifth and sixth grade.  (Yay!!!)  Because of this, lots of time has been spent this year in developing a responsible use agreement for our students.  Our laptop initiative integration and implementation committees pored over RUAs from other schools, thought about specifics related to our […]

Hitting the Links

There is no doubt that communication has changed.  As a member of a n incredibly close-knit family, I don’t think the life I am living and loving as a teacher in Seoul, Korea would be possible for me without the many communication tools that have followed the advent of the internet.  From email and Facebook […]

Is Mean the New Black?

Many of my fifth grade students still see “the bully” as the big, mean kid with physical power… the one who can (and will) beat them up if they fail to comply with the bully’s demands.  This “traditional” bully shows up in the following video, created by students at San Jacinto Elementary.  (BTW… I love […]

© Some rights reserved

Understatement of the Week: “Copyright law is extremely complex.” (From this article).  In all of the readings we did for this week, as well as in the articles I looked up on my own, one message came through loud and clear: copyright law is enormous, complicated, and fraught with nuance.  The idea of a hard-and-fast rule […]

Private Property?

Is there such a thing as privacy online?  I don’t think so.  Information intentionally given out online (status updates, credit card information, photographs, blog posts, etc.) is put up for one reason: to be shared.  Regardless of whether that is done over a secure connection, whether your Facebook connections are locked down as tightly as […]

Delete ≠ Gone Forever

Live your life honestly, because whatever you do, whatever mistakes you make, will be searchable one day. -Thomas Friedman I took the opportunity to Google myself before beginning this post.  The articles we read had me wondering just how much I could find out about myself with a simple search.  For better or worse, the […]