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Course One Project: Collaboration in Action

One major thing I took away from ETC ’11 was the idea that having a personal learning network is essential for professional growth.  I’m building up my online network gradually, and have already gotten some fantastic ideas and feedback.  I have also been reminded, however, of the amazing network I have here at SFS.  Being in […]

Consciously Learning

Every professional development opportunity leaves me with a blend of the same emotions: excited, inspired, and overwhelmed (with a little bit of frustration added in). A bad experience will be heavy on the frustration and low on inspiration, while a good one will leave me excited about new possibilities. ETC 2011 was a GREAT conference. […]

“Out There” is Right Here

We, and our students, spend an inordinate amount of time looking at screens.  Whether it’s an iPad or a television, a laptop or a DS, our interaction with the world takes place, increasingly, within the boundaries of an LCD rectangle.  We are unbalanced, suffering from what Geoff Green calls “NDD: Nature Deficit Disorder.”  The technological […]

Following the Leader?

photo © 2009 John Morgan | more info (via: Wylio)Do we really want thinking?  Or do we want following?  This was a question that came up during John Zola’s presentation titled Teaching Controversial Issues with Rigor and Balance.  Teachers, administrators, and parents are constantly touting the value of developing critical thinking and leadership skills in students, […]

When Things Click

I’ve heard that teachers make the worst students.  This may be true.  We are constantly reminding our charges to walk quietly in the hallway, to pay attention when a speaker has the floor, that they need to raise their hands, and that their “covert” whispering really is apparent to everyone in the room.  When teachers […]

Letting Go: Trust and Control

The first session I attended at ETC11 was titled Trust Matters: Creating Conducive Spaces for Learning.  As I took my seat in the session, which was led by Dr. Megan Tschannen-Moran from the College of William & Mary, I was excited to learn more about building trust within my classroom, school, and community.  It quickly […]