April 10th BigMarker Conversation

(Apologies¬†for the sound quality…I’m having issues with my computer but will get them figured out soon.)

Another great conversation…..or I thought so anyway with a couple of COETAILers that could make it. Emily wins the award for overcoming the most obstacles while still at school and having a fire alarm. I promise those of you in the Middle East region we’ll schedule some later conversations that you can have an opportunity to make.


Show Notes:
From Clint:
Andrew Church’s AUA Example
EU Kids Online

From Jeff:
Laptops Not Increasing Test Scores
Parent Certificate Program at ISB

Big Questions:
How do you get more “Google Juice”?
If you aren’t searchable do you even exist?

Sanne and I had a conversation before the rest of the group arrived about her AUP project and her school going 1:1 with Macs. If you’re interested in that conversation I’ve put it at the end of the podcast. There’s about 3 seconds or so of dead space and then that conversation will start. Just an added bounce…..kind of like the¬†bloopers if you stay for the credits. :)

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