3 thoughts on “Live Broadcast of EARCOS Cohort Final Presentation

  1. Avatar of Aroma Pannu

    Great idea. Love watching the presentations. Wish there was a list of the topics and presenters.

  2. Erik @ 2012/03/28

    Sitting here watching the EARCOS cohort final presentations between (and a glimpse during :)) classes. Great presenations, “Mathcasting” and more. Great effort by all that I viewed. Thanks for giving me some ideas for my final presenation which is in a month. Good streaming as well, very clean and clear. The screen at times was too high to be viewed. I like how there was a formal, but also an informal presentation style presented; as many of you don’t know each other outside of the Cohort it keeps it formal. Our Cohort style seems to be more informal as we see each other everyday and work with each other. Good to hear the laughter once in awhile from your group! Looking forward to seeing some of you in person tomorrow when I arrive in Thailand.


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