COETAILcast #13

Show Title: COETAILcast episode #13

Show Host: Jeff Utecht

Show Date: Feb. 11th, 2014

Show Contributors:  Robert Appino, Dana Watts, Tim Pettine, Kim Cofino, Ben Sheridan

  1. Host Intro: Welcome to COETAILcast episode number 13 on Feb. 11th, 2014. The show where we talk about what is happening around the COETAIL community, international education, and whatever else Tim comes up with. Join us on the in the Google+ COETAIL community, or on Twitter at the hashtag #coetail

  • Segment 1: School Geeks Squads. What is everyone doing or hoping to do?

  • Segment 1.1 – YIS 2:1 with teachers

  • Segment 2: How is connective technology changing your school culture?

  • Segment 3: Course 5 What do you look for?

  • Things to know:

-Vietnam Tech Conference VTC 2014 @ UNIS Feb 15-16

-edcamp @ AmIS HCMC on Feb 22nd

-ASB UnPlugged Feb 27- March 1

- edcamp at YIS on March 15th

-EARCOS ETC14 March 27-29

-NESA SEC April 4-7

-University of Kentucky Online Courses next year for those looking to go further their education: they also transfer in COETAIL courses to apply to your degree



COETAIL@AddisAbaba Course 2 Kickoff

Chrissy and Jeff get together to kick off COETAIL Cohort at Addis Ababa Course 2.

Course 4 Kick off for Online 12-13 Cohort

Clint and Jeff sit down and talk about course 4 and go over the ideas, concepts and learning that will happen.

Talking Cameras With Brandon

Show Notes:

A number of online resources were referenced in our Photography Big Marker session on Sept 18. I’ve listed some of them below:

DSLR Camera Simulator:

Shutter speed:




Online Cohort 12-13 Course 3 kickoff podcast

The official kickoff of course 3 is here and with it Brandon Hoover and I sit down to chat about the ideas in this course as well as the some up coming bigmarker sessions you won’t want to miss.

BigMarker Session with Kim Cofino

A great session with Kim Cofino who shared with us some of the great work happenings at YIS.

Links Shared By Kim

Link Shared by Jeff

Link Shared by Diana

BigMarker May 1st Conversation: Course 2, Images, COPPA and Google Drive

A great conversation last night around some of the issues we’ve been learning about in Course 2. I think you’ll like listening to this one. We had 19 people join us. Some people listened and lurked while others discussed. No problem with that….sooner or later you’ll create….even if at some point I have to force you too. :)

Just to add to our conversation last night. I took this screencast of those who turned on their video cameras. I didn’t ask their permission to take the screencast. I didn’t ask their permission to post the image here. Yet here it is. Now if I was really mean…or is that polite….I would tag them all with a link to their blog. But I won’t…this time anyway.

So what are your thought on this? As you can see I dressed up for the occasion. :) To be fair it was 90F at 9am this morning but felt like 110F (44c) on your skin. So I’m not apologizing….it’s freakin’ hot!

A great conversation that I think you’ll enjoy.

Our next conversation next week will be on Thursday with Kim Cofino joining us to talk about the cyber safety week they run at their school. We’ll be on at 5:30pm Bangkok time due to Kim being in Japan. Promise it will be a conversation you won’t want to miss. Emily this one is worth locking yourself in a closet for. :)


Bigmarker Session with Allison Nave – MS Math – Flipping Math Class

A great conversation tonight with Allison Nave a TAS COETAILer and Middle School Math Teacher at Jakarta International School. Allison is working on her final course 5 project by flipping her classroom. A pedagogical approach to using technology in the classroom. We’ll spend a lot of time in course 4 talking about flipped instruction along with other pedagogical approaches to using technology in the classroom.

Next Tuesday we’ll be on late to allow others to join us. Our conversation will start at 9:30pm Bangkok time. That’s 2:30pm GMT. Hoping we can get more people to join us.

Show Notes:

Allison’s Handouts:
Flipping a Math Class
Technology Use in Math

Wikipedia Volunteer Editor Reaches 1 Million Edits
(Have you edited Wikipedia? If not give it a try!)

April 10th BigMarker Conversation

(Apologies for the sound quality…I’m having issues with my computer but will get them figured out soon.)

Another great conversation…..or I thought so anyway with a couple of COETAILers that could make it. Emily wins the award for overcoming the most obstacles while still at school and having a fire alarm. I promise those of you in the Middle East region we’ll schedule some later conversations that you can have an opportunity to make.


Show Notes:
From Clint:
Andrew Church’s AUA Example
EU Kids Online

From Jeff:
Laptops Not Increasing Test Scores
Parent Certificate Program at ISB

Big Questions:
How do you get more “Google Juice”?
If you aren’t searchable do you even exist?

Sanne and I had a conversation before the rest of the group arrived about her AUP project and her school going 1:1 with Macs. If you’re interested in that conversation I’ve put it at the end of the podcast. There’s about 3 seconds or so of dead space and then that conversation will start. Just an added bounce…..kind of like the bloopers if you stay for the credits. :)