Reflection on Learnings from COETAIL Course 2

‘Whatever you can dream, begin to do it. Boldness has the power and magic in it.’ Goethe

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candle20ani.gif Picture taken from Google Images. Web source:

I feel great that I made the correct decision to do the COETAIL course 2. It just affirms my belief in my philosophy of Education, i.e: “Learning never ends.” Learning and Teaching are life-long processes; both get better with effort and experience. My teaching for student outcomes is meaningful, intentional and purposeful for achievement to occur. I realize in this digital age I must keep learning and have been doing it regularly as a practice.

I understand that there is a lot to explore out there with new technology and advancements taking place with giant leaps. I would like to keep learning and developing myself further. The suggested readings from the course were informative, thought provoking and insightful.

The course has helped me build and develop further the learning’s from COETAIL course one. I respect the importance of citing the resource from where information has been taken, and will always remember to give credit to the author, as a learning outcome from this course. This course has educated me about the copyright laws that must be followed and infringements avoided. It is our ethical and moral duty to follow that either we or our students do not break these rules and misuse the creations or intellectual property of others. Teaching the students the importance of citing references, so that they are not involved in Plagiarism is the responsibility of us as educators.

I must admit, that the terms, “”Digital footprint,” and “Digital Shadow,” were new for me, and getting acquainted with them has been informative. A digital profile and a positive digital footprint have immense implications for the students. I understand that it is my responsibility as an educator to show my students, the right path and guide them in the direction that will help them today and in the future. Being a PE Teacher is no excuse of not including technology in my curriculum. I have to be well-versed with the latest, to be able to meet the needs of my 21st century learners.

I learned ways to be able to teach and enlighten our students about issues of privacy online. I am now enlightened as to how to protect my creations/ intellectual property with Creative Commons, and it is worth sharing with the students.  I acquired information about the burning issues like cybersafety, cyberbullying, copyright laws and protecting personal information. I will have to continue to keep myself updated on this digital path, and once am sure of the authentic information, I am obligated to share it with my students. Discussing these issues with our students will make them aware about the possibilities that could happen with anyone. It is definitely not intended to scare them, rather prepare them for unforeseen situations that might happen.

In today’s times, children are exposed to media and internet so explicitly, that they are endangered of confronting Cyber bullying, be it at home or in school. I am now aware that it is a collaborative responsibility of parents, educators and administrators to ensure that the students learn to be safe online.

Creating a movie and embedding it in my blog has been my first experience, and I enjoyed it much. I would like to refine my movie making skills further, and use it for the benefit of my learners. I feel I could use this particularly while they are performing skills or participating in games, and then give them an instant feedback by recording my voice, and giving them viewing and reflection time.

I learned that Web is so powerful that it can help collaborate with peers not only in your school and approachable vicinity, rather worldwide.

World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others – How to teach when learning is everywhere by Will Richardson “Collaboration in these times requires our students to be able to seek out and connect with learning partners, in the process perhaps navigating cultures, time zones, and technologies. It requires that they have a vetting process for those they come into contact with: Who is this person? What are her passions? What are her credentials? What can I learn from her?

Likewise, we must make sure others can locate and vet us. The process of collaboration begins with our willingness to share our work and our passions publicly — a frontier that traditional schools have rarely crossed.”

I further like what Will suggests, “Anyone with a passion for something can connect to others with that same passion — and begin to co-create and colearn the same way many of our students already do.

I believe that is what educators must do now. We must engage with these new technologies and their potential to expand our own understanding and methods in this vastly different landscape. We must know for ourselves how to create, grow, and navigate these collaborative spaces in safe, effective, and ethical ways. And we must be able to model those shifts for our students and counsel them effectively when they run across problems with these tools.” (Will Richardson is author of the blog weblogged, learner in chief at the Connective Learning Group, cofounder of Powerful Learning Practice, and a member of The George Lucas Educational Foundation’s National Advisory Council.)

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I have faith in the Four Looks of Life, which collaboratively make the teaching, learning and assessment process, more meaningful.

Look Back – Gives Experience! Look Forward – Gives Hope! Look Around – Gives Reality! Look Within – Gives Confidence! No matter what happens in life, wherever you are, knowledge or the learning once attained will not be lost. As an educator, you can teach your learning wherever you are, any time, to anyone. Of course the willingness to learn,practice and teach is essential. So, I am prepared to carry ahead the learnings from this course and am eagerly looking forward to COETAIL Course 3.



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