Final Project: UbD Basketball Unit Plan


The link to the Understanding by Design Basketball unit for Grade 5 has been attached. It is also available on the Atlas Rubicon website.

This unit focuses on the integration of technology with the fundamental Basketball skills and strategies.

basketball‑978.gif  Google Image, Picture source is

basketball‑978.gif Google Image, Picture source is

The objective is for the students to be able to transfer their technological awareness in collaboration with the knowledge and understanding gained from Basketball unit to newer situation in other invasion games/ outside of PE classes. This will exhibit their ability to transfer their learning.

They will collaborate with peers, and create a presentation using technology and have it played for the spectators during, “The celebration of learning”, besides the physical demonstration of the game play.

The topics covered in this unit are:

  • Unique fundamental skills and strategies required to be competent in Basketball.
  • Emphasis on practicing the correct form to lead to mastery of a new skill.
  • Thoughtful decisions and positive team support leads to success.
  • Team activities provide opportunities for enjoyment, social interaction and are superior to individual contributions.
  • Thoughtful and ethical usage of web resources are our responsibility.
  • Collaborative group work, a need of the 21st century learners can help create effective presentations.
  • Basic Copyright laws, student safety are to be enforced and Cyber bullying  is to be avoided.

A description of lessons in brief.

  • The students will be introduced to the basic skills and rules of the game. Students will be asked to play half-court game using the skills taught.
  • The students will be taught the skills of decision making and support to use in the game situations. The class will be divided into teams to play the game.
  • The students will be given time to click pictures, incorporate clipart/ work collaboratively to come up with presentation ideas.
  • They will share their learning experience through the blog, and constructively comment on each other.
  • The teacher will go over the Blogs, and guide them with the presentations, so that ALL could feel successful and accomplished. Share strategies with the students, and encourage them to incorporate them.
  • The students showcase their learning for the performance task. They exhibit themselves as worthy team members, and use the skills they have developed in game play, and their proud technological presentations.

I decided to include decision making and support, very important traits in every unit/ situation so that students practice it in game play, as well as work collaboratively in their groups, make good decisions, while respecting Copyright laws and supporting each other in creating their technological creation.

My goal was to help my students understand that attribution/acknowledging  credit to the source the information is derived from is a moral and ethical responsibility. I wanted to observe them develop in thrir understanding of the Golden rule, “Treat others the way you want others to treat you” applicable in game situations, as well as relevant to Cybersafety. While commenting on each other’s blog, cyberbullying was to be avoided strictly, and positive/ constructive feedback was encouraged.

The learning plan of this unit is tailored to suit the needs of the students. It is organized and sequenced since there is gradual progression of load.

The students develop in their understanding of being worthy decision makers and a positive support to their team, not only in terms of physical game situation, but also, sharing ideas, integrating thoughts, and collaboratively creating their group’s original presentations. The details of the unit have been outlined elaborately in the Unit planner attacheed.

I am excited with this unit, and am sure the students will benefit a great deal. The students understand that it is essential to celebrate personal successes and achievements and those of others.It will be an opportunity for me to develop myself in this aspect of integrating technology in the PE curriculum.

For the understanding of the UbD, I have referred to the textbook, Understanding By Design, co-authored by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe , Expanded second edition, 2005 by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Association.


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  1. Avatar of Nandita Nandita says:

    Monika I am very impressed with your unit plan where you have seemlessly integrated technology in a basketball unit. The fusion needfully breaks the monotony of the lesson and makes it a meta cognitive journey for the students. I could not fathom targetting tech skills with the gross motor skills in a PE class but you have made it possible. The lesson thoroughly facilitates collaboration and empowers the students with decisive skills while acknowledging individual effort.

    • Avatar of Monika Dewan Monika Dewan says:

      Nandita, thank you for appreciating the unit plan. It is indeed a pleasure to observe our little learners grow and develop to their maximum potential with the merging of PE and technology standards.I am excited treading the digital path.

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